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By: Ecosystems  06-Dec-2011
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Water to water heat exchanger

Recover waste heat to cut energy costs and cool the waste water.

The ECO GFX is installed in a shower waste (or similar) and transfers the waste heat into the incoming cold water to halve the costs of showers.

  • Saves 50-60% of shower costs
  • No moving parts - double walled safety
  • Self cleaning
  • Use on gas or electricity boilers or cylinders
  • Contributes positively to the environment by recovering waste heat and reducing the temperature of waste entering the ecosystem
  • Get more hot water from a smaller cylinder or boiler
  • Simple Installation

This unique patented water to water heat exchanger works on the principle of Gravity Film eXchange. When water falls down a vertical section of drainpipe it clings to the inner surface in a very thin film. The heat is easily and efficiently transferred to the cold water circulating around the outside of the drain pipe.

  • Applications
  • Hotels
  • Residential
  • Laundries and Rest Homes
  • Hostels/Boarding Schools
  • Hair Salons
  • Industrial
  • Dairy Farms

The ECO GFX (water to water) heat exchanger has significant benefits for new homes where the cost of installation will be negligible.

Typical paybacks in the residential market are in the order of 2-3 years depending on all the variables.

The installation is very simple. Two 'Plumbqwiks 'are used, one at either end, to attach the unit to the waste pipe. The other cost is in plumbing the cold supply, which obviously varies depending on the complexity. The pre heated supply water can either be plumbed into the cold supply of the shower mixer, or into the hot water cylinder, or for maximum results, into both.

An installation at Lincoln University was very successful and independently monitored. Rod Vardy, Property Manager at Lincoln had the following to say after completing tests on the 10 GFX heat exchangers that were fitted into five separate accommodation blocks housing 114 students. "The installation was straightforward with only a small amount of extra materials needed to complete the job. The results obtained were well beyond our expectations, an average increase of 13 degrees Centigrade to the cold water supply, and we would have no hesitation in recommending these units to anyone for energy savings."

10 Important Considerations:

  1. For an electric cylinder the first hour rating is 3 times! Ie. You can obtain 3 times the amount of hot water from the showers in the first hour because the water feeding into the cylinder from the ECO GFX is already pre-warmed. This also means there is less likelihood of a cold shower if the Power Company is switching the water heating to manage their load.
  2. The ECO GFX is just as suitable for gas as for electricity, boilers or cylinders.
  3. The perceived advantage of the quick recovery of gas water heating is nullified, and considering the additional line and connection charges, an additional gas line may not be necessary.
  4. From a homeowner's point of view, a smaller hot water cylinder can be installed. This saves space but also the 180 litre 'standard' cylinder is not always adequate for the amount of hot water used in the modern home.
  5. The ECO GFX halves the costs of a shower, which is the major use of hot water in a residential home.
  6. The ECO GFX can also dramatically increase the output of 'instant heat' type hot water units, whether they are electricity or gas.
  7. The ECO GFX must be installed vertically and requires approximately 850mm vertical drop somewhere in the waste pipe after the shower drain. For smaller units minimum is 500mm.
  8. The ECO GFX is self-cleaning.
  9. Safety through double wall construction between the waste and incoming water offers additional benefits, especially for industrial and commercial use.
  10. The ECO GFX contributes positively to the environment by not only recovering waste heat but also reducing the temperature of the wastewater entering the ecosystem. This also helps lengthen the life of the Local Authorities wastewater drainage system.

For commercial or industrial applications we can design an ECO GFX system to suit your requirements. For example, there are some applications where cooling the wastewater is as significant a benefit as the energy savings. It is possible to install cooling walls where there are large flows of hot water and a number of ECO GFX are installed in an array.

An installation at the CIT in Upper Hutt, the temperature was logged and verified by the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA). Given the existing layout, the most cost-effective installation was to supply the pre heated water into the cold side of the shower mixer only.

The ECO GFX is an ideal product for hotels/motels, boarding homes and schools, multi-tenanted properties, rest homes, hair salons and many industrial applications.

Keywords: Hair Salons, Hot Water, Property Manager

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