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By: Ecosystems  06-Dec-2011
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C-Bus Components

Logic Controller

The logic controller is a DIN rail mounted C-Bus device that provides sophisticated yet affordable control of a C-Bus automation system. The logic controller performs operations in response to monitored events by executing custom written embedded programmes. These programmes are written by ECOsystems to suit individual application needs using the windows based programming interface.

One of the greatest benefits of the logic controller is that it utilizes conditional logic, meaning programmes can be developed based on whether combinations of lights and appliances are currently on or off, and various actions are performed based on different conditions. Conditional logic can also take into account time values. For example if the motion detector in the hallway is triggered after 11.00pm, lights may be ramped to 20%. But if the motion is detected before 11.00pm lights are ramped to 100%.

This logic software provides a programming solution, which supports commands such as if, then, and, or, not etc, as well as flow control - for, repeat, while etc. It allows for more sophisticated home and commercial building automation solutions within a tight budget.

ECOsystems has developed and installed some innovative uses for the likes of boardrooms where smaller rooms where can be opened out into larger areas. Talk to us about innovative ways to control the lighting in boardrooms.

Dynamic Labelling Technology

Clipsal's new Dynamic Labelling TechnologyTM has been incorporated into the Ulti and Neo range of C-Bus wall switches. This enables ECOsystems to electronically label switches according to the requirements of the user. The units have 8 programmable buttons over two pages, with a scroll button to toggle between the pages. The 64x128 pixel LCD screen is backlit. Text, sliders and bitmaps can be downloaded to the unit via the C-Bus network. The LCD screen can even display function indicators such as bar graphs. The dynamic switches are fully compatible with all C-Bus units.

C-Bus Switches


Stylish, modern and cleverly constructed, Neo has an understated presence that people are drawn to. Behind the sleek exterior is an advanced automation system designed to make managing buildings a whole easier.

Each switch can be programmed to dim lights up and down and switch on or off in any combination. Neo can control any device connected by C-Bus - curtains, swimming pool pumps or pop-up sprinklers to name a few. Neo can be also be controlled by infrared remote - the infrared windows are hidden in Neo's design so as not to interfere with its slick good looks.

Available with cool blue or smart orange LEDs, 2,4, or 8 configurations in vertical rectangular or square design



Stylish in appearance and clever in design, Clipsal's new Saturn switch is beautifully crafted from pure glass, giving it a smooth reflective face and a style all of its own. Distinctive round buttons and blue LED indicators appear to glow through its clear face. The sleek rectangular face is perfectly matched to today's modern interiors.

The intelligence of the C-Bus automation technology allows Saturn to become a fully programmable control unit, as easy to program as it is to use.

Available with 2,4 and 6 switches.



A sleek, contemporary design that blends into any wall surface. The Reflection switch is both stylish and discreet. Constructed from stainless steel the Reflection switch looks right at home in both domestic and commercial environments.

The switch plate is screwless flat and smooth. Both the switch plate and buttons are easily removed for the purpose of engraving or pad printing for circuit or ID labelling.

Available in 1,2,3,4,6 and 8 gang configurations.


C-Bus 2 Colour Touch Screen

The C-Bus colour touch screen provides an elegant interface to a Clipsal C-Bus system.

  • Replace large switches and dimmer plates
  • Can be completely customised to suit user requirements
  • Multiple control screens can programmed in the point and Microsoft Windows based configuration software
  • Each screen is based on a series of definable graphical images for easy recognition of functions
  • One screen based button or graphic can set a complete mood or scene
  • Electronic real time clock allows events to be automated based on the time of day, week, month or year.
  • 6.4 inch Colour TFT screen
  • VGA display (640 x 480 pixels)
  • Integral infrared control
  • Connects directly to C-Bus network
  • Windows based drag and drop programming software
  • Integral IF-THEN-ELSE style Logic Engine
  • Supports text, buttons, images, shapes, sliders and percent indicators.


C-Bus 2 Wireless Network

The C-Bus wireless networked control and management system is a true retrofit system, as no neutral is required at the switches/dimmers.

  • Distributed intelligent control nodes
  • No central control unit is required to manage the wireless network communications
  • Works seamlessly with wired (twisted pair) C-Bus installations
  • Full support for C-Bus Learn functions
  • Full Range of switching and dimming units available:
  • C-Bus Wireless Relay Wall Plates - Neo and Saturn style
  • C-Bus Wireless Dimmer Plug Adaptors - 1 channel 10A (fluorescent) rating
  • C-Bus Wireless Hand Held Remote
  • C-Bus Wired to Wireless Gateway


Keywords: Building Automation

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