Product Overview - Summary of Office Collaboration & HRM Solution :: JustLogin

By: Justlogin  06-Dec-2011

No more unnecessary paperwork! No more workflow bottlenecks!

With JustLogin, office admin is made simple and information flow is streamlined. You get to communicate, conduct surveys, manage human and office resources, process leave and claim applications, all without the usual paper trail and bottlenecks that come with such functions. You save time and you save money!

Indeed. You save because you only pay for what you need, based on a per-user-per-month subscription. Simply let us know which of the applications you need, how you want them to work for you and we'll do the rest. It's fuss-free and most importantly, it stays that way on a long-term basis. Maintenance and upgrading is our responsibility. You just focus on the things that really matter, your core business.