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By: Magnificat  06-Dec-2011

A new member of the community was born on Saturday. Our pet sheep Mary Rose gave birth to a beautiful daughter McKillop.

Seen here with Lucia.

Lucia meets McKillop for the first time

Our lovely pig Bernadette of Lourdes has a new house. It has taken a while for her new accommocdation to be built but it was well worth the wait.

Craig and Bernadette discussing the new house

As with the rest of NZ we had snow at Cross Creek. The Highland cattle were enjoying the sun after all of the snow.

The Highland cattle enjoying the sun

Jeff and Craig renovated the goat house in the weekend. The goats are very grateful.

Jeff and Craig mucking out the goat house

Anthony, Ambrose and Agnes inspecting their home.

Val and Glennis outside the new community room with Anthony and Agnes.

Spring is on the way and to prove it we have signs of new life. Lillian was born in the snow and has just discovered there is sun!


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May God’s blessing and Grace continue to fall on this community who through their faith in God have been able to do far more than they have ever dreamed possible. The chapel, with the Blessed Sacrament, the river meandering through the property, the beautiful gardens and the friendly animals, make this an awesome place.