Schooling « Weiti Station Sport Horses

By: Weiti Station  05-Apr-2012
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Schooling « Weiti Station Sport Horses

We can offer a limited number of spaces for outside horses requiring professional schooling in all areas. 

We have a sound, flexible system which allows our horses to become the best athletes they can be. We cater for all requirements,

  • Early flat and jump education
  • Bringing into work
  • fitness and conditioning
  • problem horses
  • general schooling

We have seen everything and know how horses tick, inexperienced or troublesome horses thrive in our busy yard and always come to enjoy their work in the open, laid back enviroment of the working station in between well structured schooling sessions.

Our general philosophy is back to basics, nothing fancy just repetition of those six little no-brainers that make up the training scale Relaxation, Rhythm, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness and collection. The first three Relaxation, Rhythm and Contact are the first we focus on, creating a horse in a good frame of mind who is working softly and evenly into the contact. Once he is and only when he is comfortable in this state we build on it with the development of Impulsion and Straightness, Straightness comes from impulsion and both are achieved by making the horse use his hind quarters properly. It can take time for the horse to come on in this phase of his training especially if he is young and weak, however patience and consistency always pays of. Lastly collection, This is essentially the establishment of the carrying power of the horses hind leg, bringing him up in front and working from behind.

-Alice Hamilton


Rates vary depending on how much and what kind of work your horse requires.

Flat Fee for general schooling- $200 per week

Grazing is $50 per week

Problem horses or horses requiring conditioning- $300 per week

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Horses, Sport Horses

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We don’t offer full livery as we are to busy with our horses however we can tailor a program in which we feed, change rugs, bring in etc if you struggle to find time each day to come out. Horses graze in herds of between 5-8 in safe, clean paddocks of about 15 acres They are rotated in two herds one requiring good feed and one heard for fatties or out of work horses.


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When we are happy with their reactions we move onto the long reigns, We drive first in the arena where they are familiar with the work station then onto more exciting places like out in the paddocks. We believe that for a horse to be called fresh broken he must be forward and comfortable under saddle while at the same time having good manners and a confidence in his rider in any situation.