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By: Weight Loss Nz  05-Apr-2012
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Top 7 Exercise mistakes of a new gym goer

Whether in the park or in the gym there are so many people exercising wrong. Apart from the increased risk of injury, exercising wrong will slow your progress, not allow your body to exercise efficiently, and will probably leave you feeling un-motivated about exercising.

To maximise your efforts make sure you follow the simple tips below.

1)      Not warming up, cooling down. Warming up prior to exercise is an essential element of exercise many people choose to forget. A steady 5-10 minute warm-up followed by some dynamic stretching has a host of benefits including-

i)        Increase the body temperature

ii)       Makes muscles, tendons and ligaments more supple and relaxed

iii)     Improved oxygen utilization by the muscles

iv)     Heart, lungs and internal organs prepared for increased stress

v)      Mentally focuses you for the exercise

A cool down is just as important as this enables the body to flush away waste products such as lactic acid, reduces muscle soreness the next day and allows the body to safely return to a resting state.

2)      Have a workout plan. When exercising you need a plan – don’t just randomly move from machine to machine. If you are unsure of what to do, employ a personal trainer to design you a program, this can be done relatively cheap as you will only need them for 1 or 2 sessions. Without a plan you cannot set a realistic goal, you will quickly lose inspiration and soon get bored, and you will increase your risk of injury. Have a program and follow it, this way you can gauge your progress.

3)      Poor Technique. This is not just a problem for the gym newbie, many seasoned exercisers use poor form which in time leads to muscle imbalance, poor posture and ultimately injury.  Rather than picking up bad habits and then trying to lose them, make sure you are shown how to do every exercise properly. Virtually all gyms have floor staff that will be happy to show you how to use the equipment properly and for no charge. If you’re not sure – ask.

4)      Over Training. This is probably the most common mistake people new to exercise make. They have not trained for years, go to the gym for 5 consecutive days, then spend all weekend in agony with every single muscle aching. If you have not exercised for years start slowly with 1 or 2 low intensity sessions per week and build up from there. Within a month you will know what your body can handle and can start to push yourself within your own limits.

5)      Under training. As stated above, build up your training, do not stay at 1-2 sessions of low intensity per week. If you are not regularly challenging and pushing your body you will make no progress. Don’t be one of them people sat on the exercise bike reading a book, push yourself you get better results in less time and you’ll actually enjoy it.

6)      Ignoring the weights. Numerous studies now show the benefits of incorporating weights into an exercise regime – whatever your goal. Some studies even show weight lifting with minimum rest between sets (less than 1 min) to be more effective than cardiovascular exercise for burning fat. Lifting weights will not give you a huge muscular physique, but they will make you continue burning calories long after you stopped exercising, strengthen joints, tendons and ligaments thus reducing the chance of injury; they will also tone the muscles underneath the fat your burning off.

7)      Goal setting. We have already mentioned having a plan when attending the gym and as part of your plan you should have a goal. Remember to keep your goal realistic, you’re not going to lose 25kg of fat in 6 weeks. Set regular small attainable goals to keep you motivated, for example to lose 2.5kg of fat in 4 weeks, or to lose 5cm off your waist in 4 weeks. These are small goals which will be part of an overall target such as fitting into a size 10 dress.

Keywords: Weight Loss

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