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By: Webvisions  06-Dec-2011
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Network Infrastructure is the single most important factor in evaluating a hosting service. Webvisions continually invests in network equipment, infrastructure and backbone connectivity in all our Asia-Pacific Data Centers to ensure that our customers' websites get the fastest possible access to their viewers. Internal Infrastructure

Webvisions is 100 percent powered by state of the art Cisco switches and routers. Each of our customer's servers plugs directly into our backbone via one or more Cisco switches.

Our network runs a variety of Cisco equipment including Cisco Catalyst 6500 series swtiches and Cisco 7500 Routers. These high end mission critical equipment will ensure that data gets in and out of our customers' servers at the fastest possible speed. We plug each server into our switches instead of HUBs. This is because in a HUB environment, only one computer plugged into it can make use of the network at any one time whereas in a switched environment, every server has a dedicated connection and can access the internet at the same time. This results in more data being able to travel through a switch at any one time. In addition, because each computer has its own dedicated connection via a switch, it makes hacking and snooping of sensitive data alittle more difficult.

The switches and routers are also configured and designed to run in a totally redundant infrastructure, ensuring that there is no single point of failure on the backbone.

External Infrastructure - Singapore

Webvisions (SG) currently has multiple connections providing connectivity to the following providers/locations :

  • SingTel Internet Exchange (STIX)
  • Starhub Internet Exchange (SHIX)
  • Equinix Exchange
  • Google
  • Swisscom (Switzerland)
  • Asiakomnet (Indonesia)
  • Emirates-IX (UAE)
  • Voxel
  • Qala / M1 Connect
  • Qatar Telecom

External Infrastructure - NGNBN Ready

External Infrastructure - Malaysia

External Infrastructure - India (Mumbai)

  • VSNL
  • Reach Internet Services
  • Flag Telecom

External Infrastructure - China (Shanghai)

  • OC-3 155mbps ATM Link to China Telecoms
  • OC-3 155mbps ATM Link to China Net Com
  • OC-3 155mbps ATM Link to DiYiXian Net

External Infrastructure - Australia (Sydney)

  • 100Mbps to Telstra
  • 100Mbps to Optus
  • 100Mbps to MCI
  • Multiple connections to Tier 2s

External Infrastructure - Hong Kong

  • HKIX
  • 4 STM1 to China
  • AGC
  • Global One
  • Teleglobe

External Infrastructure - New Zealand

  • Sprint
  • Telecom New Zealand
  • Reach
  • AsiaNet Com
  • APE
  • WIX
  • Telecom
  • TelstraClear

By connecting to multiple Asia Pacific backbones, Webvisions can distribute data out quickly to your customers with the quickest possible time in the shortest possible path. In additional, because we route out via multiple backbones, we are not dependent on any single point of failure. In the event of a failure in one circuit, our network automatically re-routes data to another backbone, thereby ensuring uptime and redundancy for our customers.

Webvisions also deploys BGP4 (Border Gate Protocol). BGP is used only by providers with multiple connections to the Internet. BGP enables a multi-homed provider to setup a truly redundant network. When a failiure on a leased line is detected, BGP will automatically close that line and re-route traffic to another connection point.

* Note: Network connectivity and setup may differ from country to country. It may also change from time to time.

Network Monitoring

Having top of the line network equipment and BGP isn't enough. Webvisions also employs NOCOL (Network Operations Center Online) and BigBrother to provide 24x7x365 network monitoring. With NOCOL and BigBrother, Webvisions can monitor each connection point, server or any IP based equipment and escalate a failed system to the immediate attention of any one of our Network Operations staff available round the clock in the event of an emergency.

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