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By: Websense  06-Dec-2011

Data security protects confidential information:

  • In databases, file servers, and other places within your company

Data is your company’s lifeblood.
Financial records, customer lists, credit card numbers. Confidential data is your company’s lifeblood – and a major security target

Good security prevents data leaks.
Policies protect your data, but it’s easy to accidentally send it in files, emails, or unsafe applications. One mistake can result in lost productivity, reputation, and future sales.

  • Tight controls for regulatory compliance
  • Simplified management and reporting
  • Options for network DLP, endpoint DLP, and discovery modules for finding sensitive data throughout your network
  • And a comprehensive DLP suite

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Websense® Essential Information Protection™ is based on best-in-class products, technologies, and Security-as-a-Service solutions that provide integrated network security threat defense and powerful policy-based control over your organization's sensitive data. How you allow sensitive data to be communicated, and how online resources can be used safely and productively by your business.