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All web hosting services are provided by WEBCONCEPT NZ Ltd, a New Zealand based company, headquartered in Auckland, NZ. Our company aims at providing a large number of professional services in the following fields of activity: web hosting, domain registration and quality customer support.


It may sound unbelievable but the majority of the big companies in the web hosting business usually do not invest much in the development of new technologies. Instead they rely on 3rd party solutions and software. Unlike theirs, our hosting software was created, developed and designed in-house by us. Moreover, our business approach is human-oriented in that our client support is a center factor in the quality hosting service that we offer.


Our ready solutions enable small and medium-sized enterprises to gain money from their websites and respective online activities. The online presence in the ever expanding global network allows companies and individuals alike to take advantage of the World Wide Web.


The rivalry between the companies engaged in e-business, especially those in the web hosting industry, raised the stakes so high that the choice of an appropriate data center has come to be a crucial factor in the provision of a quality hosting service. As a valued web hosting client of WEBCONCEPT NZ Ltd you will enjoy all the benefits of our state-of-the-art data center located in Fremont, California.


Beside the well-chosen Data Center, we have achieved another good balance: new and fast servers, which work in perfect synchronicity with our web hosting software: Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Quad Core; 4GB RAM; 2x750 GB SATA in RAID 1 configuration.


Daily back-up is available to ensure that the hosted data stays safe.

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Swith your hosting with us | WEBCONCEPT

This way you are guaranteed that by switching the hosts your domain name will not have any downtime and all scripts and databases will be completely tested by the time the DNS update is completed.If you experience any problems transferring your site, please let us know and we will assist you. Please keep in mind that the necessary DNS changes are domain owners' responsibility and that we cannot perform the domain transfer automatically.


Virtual Tour/Panorama | WEBCONCEPT - Your Wings on the Web

Hiding unexpected promotional offers for small businesses when viewing the interior of business premises. Virtual tours are a great way to find out more before you visit.Used by. Virtual tours and 360 Panoramas can be used for tasks as diverse as. Context sensitive chattels listings for insurance validation.


Website Development | WEBCONCEPT - Your Wings on the Web

We follow an iterative design process centering on end user and client involvement in the design process, to build sites that provide satifying and successful user experiences. Usability design-ensuring the site is easy to use so your users don't spend time learning how to deal with the site, but instead can focus on what they came for.