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By: Webconcept  06-Dec-2011
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Web Development

YES, your ten year old can build you a website..  but they probably shouldn't.

Web development, like any profession, requires its own suite of highly developed technical and professional skills. Dynamically driven content (that's search-able, and context sensitive data) and full compliance with international design standards requires advanced knowledge of 5 distinct but inter-related disciplines.

We use the latest web development techniques and intelligently apply them to your site to give your customers and potential customers an outstanding experience.

Web & Creative Design

Website design is more than just making your site look good. A website is first and foremost a communication tool, and good design makes your communication with your customers more effective and more enjoyable.

There are many facets to web design including:

  • Visual design-carrying your brand through to your online presence, making it memorable and attractive.
  • User interface design-creating a clear site structure and visual language for clear, unambiguous communication.
  • Interaction design-making it easy and efficient for your users to interact with your site. Some examples include asking for information, making a purchase,  and providing giving feedback.
  • Usability design-ensuring the site is easy to use so your users don't spend time learning how to deal with the site, but instead can focus on what they came for. Usability is one of the 5 distinct technical disciplines we mention above.

At WEBCONCEPT, our designers have strong experience and skills in all the above. We follow an iterative design process centering on end user and client involvement in the design process, to build sites that provide satifying and successful user experiences. We make sure your site will communicate well and look great while complying with recognised international standards.

The Marketing Mix

A website is one small tool in a company's repertoire of self promotional tools . Getting the mix right, across multiple media, cross-pollinating promotional material and taking advantage of structured, cost-effective approaches is as important as the decision to develop the web site itself.

Keywords: Web Design, Web Development, Web Development Techniques, Website Design,

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