Portable Shelters and Shelter Systems

By: Weatherhaven  06-Dec-2011
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Weatherhaven portable shelters and shelter systems are used at remote sites worldwide. Combining fabric shelters with our patented expandable container shelters, we provide portable turnkey shelter solutions for commercial clients. Our shelter systems include camp equipment and services such as installation, power generation, furnishings, and water and wastewater treatment.

Features of Weatherhaven products include:

  • Light Weight and Low Volume
    Weatherhaven fabric shelters are engineered to be lightweight and low volume to minimize shipping and handling logistics. Our expandable container shelters also provide transport savings as the MECC™ is only 1/3 its size and the HERCon is only 1/6 its size when packed for transport. Weatherhaven’s fabric structure and systems technology has become very popular for construction camps in the world’s remote regions as they typically transport in 1/3 the weight and 1/7 the volume of the traditional trailer and modular camp alternatives.
  • Convenient Transport Logistics
    Weatherhaven fabric shelters and systems can be packaged for shipment in standard 20’ ISO shipping containers or in pallets for cargo aircraft of any size. The MECC™ and HERCon have been designed for global transport as they are certified ISO shipping containers in their packed configuration. We can also design product packaging to meet almost any transportation restriction.
  • Rapid Setup and Tear-Down
    All Weatherhaven shelters are easy to install and dismantle, requiring minimal tools or special fittings. The shelter systems, such as flooring, electrical, and mechanical, are also designed with features that facilitate setup and teardown.
  • Comfort and Quality of Life
    Weatherhaven shelters and systems are designed for maximum efficiency and performance in all climates and conditions. Our products provide camp occupants with living conditions that maximize comfort and, therefore, work performance. Weatherhaven provides a home away from home – a place to eat, sleep, shower, and relax.
  • Durability
    Weatherhaven shelter and system installations have been used in the field on large projects that have lasted 15 to 20 years. For more transient operations, their robust and modular design also makes them ideal for relocating to new sites when required, regardless of the conditions.
  • Safety
    Materials and design meet required codes and address safety protocols.
  • Cost-Benefit Advantages
    Our products save you money through reduced transportation volume and shelter weight, durability of the product over several years, and the ability to redeploy shelters and systems over and over again.

Weatherhaven staff will work with you to ensure that each camp meets your exact specifications and is the best possible solution for your project needs.

We offer the following products:

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