Wild Appliances - Conference & group activity options

By: Wasa  05-Apr-2012

Take home or back to the office wildly creative recycled appliances with attitude!       

Unleash your creative self and transform old appliances in wild and funky ways e.g. It WASA!® rusty old beer fridge now it’s a hip garden sculpture or wildly inspiring office icon.

Your old appliances may never be the same again… rescue, recycle and recreate old fridges into funky office team building mementos in wild and surprising ways.

Of course if you want something that’s a little lighter to travel with then we’d suggest focusing on toasters or old CD players!

Time 1.5-2.5 hours

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Choose combined or single session options.Your session can be tailored to your budget, time frame, group goals and creative preferences. If you want to pay by cheque please add 25 cents to all cheques and mark them ‘Not Negotiable’ and payable to Everyman Records. Unleash your wildly wonderful and unique creativity while enjoying the company of your colleagues.