What is Warm 'n' Well? Is it really free? What's the catch? Who can apply? How do families benifit? How to apply? How long will i

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What is Warm ‘n’ Well?

Warm ‘n’ Well is a free insulation and health programme to:

  • make your home warmer and drier;
  • make your power bills cheaper;
  • help reduce doctor and hospital visits for you and your children;
  • improve your family’s health in general

Is it really free?

The programme is free to those families' who are eligible.

What’s the catch?

There are no hidden catches. The programme is free for those who meet the programme criteria (see below).

Who can apply for Warm ‘n’ Well?

Warm ‘n’ Well is for families that can say yes to all of the following:

  • Do you live in West Auckland, North Shore or Rodney?
  • Do you have a child aged 14 years or under living in your home or have a baby due soon?
  • Do you have a Community Services Card?
  • Do you own your home or rent privately? (I do not rent a Housing New Zealand home.)

How do families benefit from Warm ‘n’ Well?

There are many benefits of insulation including:
- a warmer and drier home
- cheaper power bills and heating costs
- fewer visits needed to the doctor
- a healthier family

How can I apply? 

Why are Housing New Zealand tenants not eligible?

Housing NZ has its own housing insulation programme.

Why does Warm ‘n’ Well focus on children?

Many children get sick in winter and go to hospital. Waitemata District Health Board has identified the health of children as a priority. Children have one chance to grow up healthy and strong. A child’s health and development has an impact on their life as an adult.

Why must homes be built before 1 January 2000?

Depending on the home, participants may receive any or all of the following:

Why does a nurse visit?

We know insulation on its own makes the home warmer and can improve health. In many cold, damp homes, families often suffer from a variety of health problems, including allergies, asthma, colds, and flu amongst others. A visit by the registered nurse gives families an opportunity to talk about a wide range of health issues and link into additional health or social services resources if agreed. The programme aims to help families improve their quality of life. Your health information given to the nurse will stay with Warm ‘n’ Well and will not be shared with anyone unless the family agrees.

How long will it take?

The nurse will visit for an hour or two to discuss the health needs of your family. Installing the insulation takes about four hours depending on the size of the home. The insulation company may need to make two or three visits - one to check what you need and one or two visits to fit the insulation.

Do I need to be at home?

Yes. An adult needs to be at home for the nurse and insulation visits.

What about families who rent their home?

The person living in the home fills out an application first and then the insulators, Eco Insulation, will contact the landlord. The landlord needs to give consent to fit insulation (note: Housing New Zealand tenants cannot apply for this programme – see question above).

What will happen to my information?

If you rent your home, the insulators (Eco Insulation) will contact your landlord to get permission to fit the insulation.

Any health information you give the nurse will stay with Warm ‘n’ Well and will not be shared with anyone unless you agree. We will ask you to sign a plan of action before any referrals are made.

At the end of the programme, you may be invited to fill in an evaluation survey. Waitemata District Health Board want to know how satisfied you were. This gives you a chance to let us know how we can improve the programme over time for other families.

Who runs Warm ‘n’ Well?

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service has been contracted by Waitemata District Health Board to run this programme. Eco Charitable Trust (Eco Insulation) has been contracted by Waitemata District Health Board to manage and install the insulation.

Who is funding the programme?

Waitemata District Health Board has funded the programme as they are keen to improve children and families’ health. The Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority and the ASB commnuty trust jointly fund the home insulation.

How long will the programme go on for?

Warm ‘n’ Well is funded until June 2012.

What about the North Shore and Rodney areas?

Warm ‘n’ Well has started in West Auckland as the Waitemata DHB has prioritised this area. Over time, the programme will widen to include North Shore and Rodney districts.

Is it really FREE?


How do I contact Warm ‘n’ Well?

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On 1 July 2009 the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority introduced energywise including new subsidies for homeowners whose homes were built before 1 January 2000. You must still meet the other criteria and have children under 14 living in the home or a baby due soon and be eligible for a Community Services Card. Warm ‘n’ Well held a launch in Ranui at Birdwood Primary School in August 2008.


Apply here for the free home insulation programme

Do you have a child aged 14 years or under living in your home or have a baby due soon. If you live in Auckland you may be eligible for the snug homes programme. You may qualify for other insulation programmes or grants. Do you live in West Auckland, North Shore or Rodney.