Apply here for the free home insulation programme

By: Warm 'n' Well  05-Apr-2012

 First, take a moment to make sure you can say yes to ALL of the following:

  • Do you live in West Auckland, North Shore or Rodney?
  • Do you have a child aged 14 years or under living in your home or have a baby due soon?
  • Do you have a Community Services Card?
  • Do you own your home or rent privately? (NOT a Housing New Zealand home.) 


You may qualify for other insulation programmes or grants. Read more at

If you live in Auckland you may be eligible for the snug homes programme. Read more at

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On 1 July 2009 the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority introduced energywise including new subsidies for homeowners whose homes were built before 1 January 2000. You must still meet the other criteria and have children under 14 living in the home or a baby due soon and be eligible for a Community Services Card. Warm ‘n’ Well held a launch in Ranui at Birdwood Primary School in August 2008.


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A visit by the registered nurse gives families an opportunity to talk about a wide range of health issues and link into additional health or social services resources if agreed. There are many benefits of insulation including:- a warmer and drier home- cheaper power bills and heating costs- fewer visits needed to the doctor- a healthier family. Waitemata District Health Board has identified the health of children as a priority.