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By: Trust Waikato Hot Water Beach Lifeguard Service  06-Dec-2011
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News « Trust Waikato Hot Water Beach Lifeguard Service

Wooo hoooo Go ‘Hottie’…. We Rock BIG Time

We took 8 athletes to the National U14 Surf Life Saving Champs held at the Mount.  The weather was fantastic; the sea was pretty ‘out there’ with 2 meter waves building up out the back and thundering in on Thu and Fri. What amazed me was how fearless children were, they just got stuck in and gave it a go!

We had a few events in the water arenas on Thu, mainly the board races and attempts at getting through the run/swim/runs.  Our crew got pretty bashed around, with Paul coming in in his heat with 4 other boarders trying to make the top 7 to go through to the semi, cresting on a giant wave which took them all out, boards flying up in the air, total carnage.

Wilson would have to have been the most determined board paddler I have ever seen, he tried and tired and tried and tried to get out through the huge surf, nearly making it too I might add, but got smashed back into shore and was unable to complete the race.  ‘Big Ups’ to you Wilson.

John Clout was the only Hottie boarder that completed the race and returned on his board!  To do that in those waves showed his guts and determination.  Very well done John.

A few events throughout the 4 days were shifted around due to the sea conditions and to make sure that it was safe for our children.

We ended up complete some events in Pilot Bay, board rescue with Paul and Kobi, just missed making the semi!  Well done boys.

Tube rescue with Kobi and Wilson, what an awesome race they had coming in 2nd in their heat making the semi only to be DQ’d.  Never mind boys next yr you will nail that race.

Kyla and Kobi worked hard in the surf swims, both gaining a spot in the finals on Sunday.  Fantastic.

Joe had a busy couple of days, getting amongst it and experiencing Oceans 11.

Paul, Joshua and Wilson all made it through to the finals in the flags which were run on Thursday.  It was a hard slog for the boys, Paul was disappointed in his 7th place in the flags and Joshua worked really hard and came 5th.  Wilson had a stunning flags final and gave Hottie their very 1st Silver medal in a long time at Oceans….whoo hoo… very, very well done Wilson, BIG congrats to you.

Liam completed the Diamond and had an amazing race; he got 1st reserve for the final in his heat.  Very, very well done, fantastic effort Liam.

Kobi and Kyla had their surf race finals on Sunday, the waves were more manageable with a good one coming through every 6th one!

Kyla had a steady swim and came in 12th out of 22 in her final.

Kobi….…. We all lost sight of him as he swam out but we reckoned he was in the top 10 heading around the 1st can.  A group of 3-4 swimmers got a good jump on the rest of the pack and were on their way home when a big wave came through, we could see that someone had got on it and was body surfing it in….hold your breath people…. Drum roll please…… it was the Kobsta, he had come around the last can, spotted the big wave and went for it.  That last ditch effort shot him into 2nd place as he surfed past everyone to land right behind the boy in 1st place….it was an amazing effort… he leapt up and managed to wade strongly then sprinted up the beach to grab our 2nd Silver medal.  Go the Kobsta…. Fantastic effort.

Now the pressure was on Kyla, Joshua and Paul to deliver the goods in the sprint finals!

Joshua was up 1st, the gun went, he pinned his ears back and went for it, the determination on his face was magic.  He came 4th by a whisker.  Well done Joshua.

Kyla wound up those long legs of hers and managed to come in 4th as well, great stuff.

Paul was up next, the BIG boys were pumped and ready to let rip.  The gun went and they were off, I was standing at about the 55m mark, saw that all the boys were pretty much neck and neck, and then saw Lanky Legs kick into another gear and pulled out slightly ahead of the pack with the speedster from Midway.  The Midway boy stumbled slightly under the pressure of Paul breathing down his neck just before the finish line, but managed to hang on to 1st place.  Paul ran through for 2nd place and another Silver medal for Hottie.  Just fantastic.

I want to say a great BIG THANKS to the kids for giving it their all and for their guts and determination over the weekend.  Some of you were disappointed with your results but you need to remember that for some of you it’s your 1st Oceans, you have got a few more to go, and will continue to build up your skills and strength in your chosen events.

I’d also like to say Thank You to Mike for all his support, guidance, time and effort he has put into our kids through this season.  Look at these results for such a small group of athletes.

What did we do differently this season, we had Paloma working with the kids on boards 2x per wk through the holidays and Mike gave up 2 extra mornings per week to train our Oceans team.  Look at the difference it has made for our kids.

We had 5 of the team make 8 finals and came away with 3 Silver Medals, fantastic results for Hottie.

I’d like to say thank you to Susan for being my back up Team Manager, to Malc and Tracey for bringing down a board each for the Clout boys and the extra tent pegs we needed.  As always the parents worked well together to make sure kids were where they needed to be for each of their races.


Keywords: Hot Water, Life Saving, Lifeguard Service, Surf Life Saving

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