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By: Team Aprilia Racing  05-Apr-2012
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Latest News From Phillip Island 2012

Max Biaggi has made a great start to the 2012 season finishing first & second respectivelyat the opening round of the World Superbikes championship.

Below are a couple of photos of Max and Eugene Laverty, Max's team mate courtersy of


The team is running Metzeler tyres this season.

Brendan has been running Metzeler tyres for quite some time now and has been saying for a while how good they are.  With him getting such good wear and over all performance I thought it was time to swich to Metzeler. 

I have been running them on my road bike for a while and have been impressed with the performance and handling, and I have had  the chance to try the race slicks a couple of times on the track  to asses them.

As with any change it will more than likely take a bit of time to get fully use to them but , they seem to have a great amount of grip and feel very predictable.

Ultimo Italiano

Italian world champion rider, Italian world champion motorcycle!

Unfortuately for Max Biaggi 2011 was not a very good season. With ride through penalties and injuries it really halted any challenge for the title this year but ended up third.

Carlos Checa on the other hand had a perfect year, scoring double victories, free of injury and mechanical fault. This aside Carlos rode surperbly all season and was a very deserving champion.

The Big News

The big news is that I will be racing next season in the F1 Superbike and the BEARS class on a Aprilia RSV4 Factory.    

This should be interesting as I have only ridden Aprilia RSV Mille R  V-Twin's for the last 7 years, so riding a V4 will be a new challange for sure. I hope to be able to come to terms with the new machine nice and quick and will be hoping for some good result  as soon as posible.

Time will tell!

Other Breaking News

The GSX-R 1000 is the bike Brendan will be running with H.B.R this season to see how things feel out there on the track. He has also got an RSVR to replace the old one.

Both of us are more than looking forward to getting back on the track on the 26th August at the MotoTT trackday.

Brendan has picked up another race suit and another helmet, and has received a medical clearance to get back on the track.


Trying out the new toy at Hampton Downs

The Hamilton Motorcycle Club held a rider training club event over two days at the newly opened Hampton Downs race track on the 7th and 8th of November.

I attended the event on the Sunday to join some of the other club members that put their hand up to help out. 

The club was well organised and had plenty of people in attendance ready to take to the new track and get some riding time in. I personally thought the track was awesome. Very exhilarating with some unbelievable elevation and blind corners. The grip level was also quite unbelievable, even with the Dunlop road tyres that I was running on the day on my roadbike. The word out there is that the track is particularly good for Dunlop tyres and I totally agree. I can't wait to get on the track on my race bike and Dunlop race slicks.

I asked Debbie Bridge, the club secretary a couple of questions about the two days at the track.

Was the club happy with the response and turn out for the two rider training days at the Hampton Downs race track?

Yes the club was very happy with the turnout of riders, we could not commit to over 90 per day which was the downfall for a lot of riders wanting to attend, we also accepted riders for one day only - you could not do both days. So all in all 180 riders was just bloody fantastic don't you think!

  Have you had much feed back from the members that attended and if so, what have been their typical comments?

With regards to feedback from attendees, yes the feedback has been exceptional, I felt pretty special at the end of both days, with riders shaking my hand and thanking me for such a great experience ( I was just the radio Girl, doing the radio Girl thing). It was our entire club that pulled this weekend off and we are very lucky to have such a strong committed club to enable us to do this.

I also asked one of the club members - Andy Harper - his thoughts on the event.

The Rider Training Day held at the New Hampton Downs Track was very impressive.

To start with the running of it - well organized in a safe controlled environment. Very informative class session ranging from how to find the correct lines, how to take a corner, when and how to brake, bike maintenance shocks, tyres etc.

The track itself was awesome to ride on - the surface was very smooth and grippy, the lines easy to follow. The gradient of the track, long straights and sharp cornering put our skills to the test and what I had learnt throughout the day came in to practice.

I'm looking forward to doing another ride on the track and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has an interest in upskilling their riding. Definitely a World class track.

Hamilton Motor Cycle club did a great job - well done!!!

Thanks Debbie and Andy for your time.

Here are a few Aprilia photos from the days at the track.

Race Season

The race season starts in November, so we are getting the bike sorted now. Hopefully this early preparation will lead to a good  reliable  season.

This season we are sponsored by Dunlop Tyres and are looking forward to some warm weather to see how well the tyres work  with the compounds and temperatures for optimum performance.

Hampton Downs

The Hampton Downs Motorsport Park is now up and running with October 28th being the official opening day. Check Bike Rider Magazine
for a full report.

Word is that the World Superbikes may use the track. Lets hope so.

Track Days

There are a few track day companies operating in New Zealand now. They provide a great environment to learn new skills, talk with other enthusiasts and gain more confidence in your motorcycle and your riding skills.

If going around a race track flat out with a big smile on your face sounds good then check one out. I'm sure it won't be your last!

The first track day for Redline Trackdays

It was the first track day for the company Redline Trackdays. The day had plenty of sunshine and a great atmosphere, everyone was well into the sprit of the event.

The day seemed to run smooth from start to finish. There wasn't to many accidents and the riders looked well matched to the groups that they had entered themselves into.

It was the first time at this track for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The track is quite rough in places but its not a problem as you soon find where the bumps are, which is usually in the best line around the track and navigate round them. The layout is fast, flowing and exciting. I am really looking forward to getting back there.

Lunch time was very brief, with a lot of anticipation for the prize draw. Prizes ranged from free track days to a brand new 2009 MV Agusta F4 - 312R. The bike was not drawn by the chosen track day entrant , so it is still up for grabs at the next track day. (you have got to be in to win)

Be sure to check out the Redline Trackdays website on the link  above the banner for future dates and details. I highly recommend going to one of there days, I am quite sure you will book for another one.

A job well done by Darrin and the crew at Redline Trackdays.

Thanks for a great day, see you at Taupo for the next one!

Taupo Spectacular

B.A.D.D  Club

Aprilia RSV4 Race Machine (Photos courtesy of


Aprilia's new long awaited Superbike is due to hit the race tracks in the WSBK series in 2009. With a 65 degree V4 power plant well in excess of 200hp in race trim it should be well up to the task.

Latest news is that Max Biaggi has signed up to ride the new V4.

More news - Shinya Nakano has been signed as the second team member to ride alongside Max.

The road-going version is due for the showroom floors at the end of this year. It was released to the public on the 21st of September for viewing. Check out  both the Superbike and the road bike on this link.

The word from Aprilia agents is that the RSV4 will be in showrooms later than expected, so we will keep you posted. I suppose this gives all Aprilia fans that are keen to purchase the RSV4 more time to save. Anyhow, I am sure the wait will be worthwhile.

Phillip Island SBK Round '09

I am lucky enough to be going to the 1st round of the 2009 World Superbike Championship in March. Having never been to a World Superbike event I am looking forward to it indeed. I'm excited because it is the first time that the new RSV4 is racing, and I am getting to witness it first hand.

I'm hoping to be able to visit the pit garage and get some good photos to include here.  Keep an eye on this page for the updates in March.

I'd like to say thanks to my family for getting together and chipping in to get me this great Christmas and Birthday present.


Phillip Island Weekend

Where to start. Ok, Phillip Island is a great track with an amazing atmosphere. Motorcyclists come from everywhere to attend. They are also able to ride their motorbikes anywhere around the circuit to view the racing from any vantage point they choose, great stuff!

The Island has the possibility of having four seasons in one day. The Friday was warm and sunny, Saturday cold, warm, cold, warm etc.., and Sunday was freezing cold with a little bit of rain on and off.

The racing was very exciting with hope by myself and many others I am sure for a podium finish. With Max being second place in super pole things were look good for a podium, but a poor start meant It was not to be in race one. 

Race two was very exciting indeed with Max  getting a great start and going into the lead early. Dropping back to third and staying there for a lot of the race things where again looking good for a podium finish. As with race one it was not to be as, Max lost a couple of spots and with a last ditched effort made a mistake and left the track.

It was a good showing for the new Aprilia RSV4 in its first outing, the signs are there for some great things to come in the future with some further development.

Bring on the next round and the rest of the season to see how well thing are developing and the potential of the best  looking and sounding bike on the grid.

Check out the photos below that I personally took for a bit of the action, and check this link at the official Aprilia website for the full run down and Shinya Nakano's results.

Good luck Max, Shinya and the Aprilia team for the rest of the season, we will all be cheering for you!

Keywords: Gps, Racing Slicks, Titanium