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By: Dodd Drainage  06-Dec-2011

Whether it is a new pond you need dug out, a driveway access formed or just a whole lot of dirt moved to make a fancy new garden or metal bought in, we can also provide this service for you.

It's our speciality to work around both your requirements and your landscape plan and budget.

Other products and services from Dodd Drainage


Septic Tank Design & Installation

Dave can then do an individual design to suit your existing house or perhaps you may be building a house and required septic tank design for the builder or building company.Whatever your requirements, Dave's skill in this area is second to none. The digestions of the organic matter in this system produce a clear, clean, odourless liquid that can be used for irrigation of land areas including gardens.


Rural Drainage | Dave Dodd Drainage

You may need a new septic tank installed or you may wish to seek Dave's expert advice on installation of an environmentally friendly sewage treatment system for your property. The options are limitless living in the country, there is always some drainage project or task at hand that we are only too willing to give expert advice and assistance with. You may be subdividing your rural property; you may also be building a new shed or cow shed.


Residential Drainage | Dave Dodd Drainage

Residential drainage can also cover a number of issues from unblocking drains, to assisting with septic tanks which may have acquired a special aroma.Repairs and maintenance are an ongoing area in residential drainage. At Dave Dodd Drainage we are able to assist our clients in these areas from completing the work to council standards as well as helping with council consent applications.