Faeries from Tianchi Crystals

By: Tianchi Crystals  02-Oct-2009
Keywords: Meditation, Crystals, Readings

   Faeries Here is a simple way to connect with the fairy kingdom:   Take a fairy walk in nature, or just be in the garden, preferably where there are trees and plants. Find a place to sit and begin taking some deep breaths:   1) Inhale and imagine a wave of green light rising from the land beneath you, rising up your body to connect you with the earth below. Exhale and sense a wave of golden light flowing down from the heavens through your body, connecting you with the sun and stars. Do this several times until you feel relaxed and charged with the energy of earth and sky.   2) Notice three natural things around you and send a line of light from your heart to connect with each one.   3) Now extend this connection to everything around you.  Rest and be at peace in this feeling of oneness.   4) Ask for a message from the fairy realm and open to receive impressions that may come to you. The response may come through feeling a light, sparkling, joyful energy, or it may come as words or images in your mind’s eye. Watch out also for signs of animal or bird movements or calls that may carry a message for you--one that brings you home to your true self. Don’t forget to send a blessing to the faeries before you leave.

Keywords: Crystals, Meditation, Psychic, Readings, Tarot