Services, Unit Titles / Multi Titles

By: Ckl  06-Dec-2011

CKL are the multi-dwelling development specialists. Unit title and strata developments pose a number of unique issues, which can affect the value of the finished project.

CKL works closely with reputable legal and architectural professionals to produce multi-title developments which are practical, attractive, have maximum resale value, and ease of use and administration for future owners.

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Services, ISO Quality Assurance

As one of the first ISO certified survey practices in New Zealand, our quality control systems have stood the test of time and in fact are now being used throughout the country as the guideline template for survey quality assurance systems.


Services, Project Management

Our project management staff have a breadth of knowledge relating to land and resource management, land rights, engineering and construction requirements, and all phases of urban subdivision development, which makes them ideal for the management of your development or subdivision.