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By: Agrinetworks  05-Apr-2012
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Otago Peninsula is better known for its wildlife than pastoral farming, but limited opportunties for expansion have not stopped Brendon & Paula Cross from growing their sheep farming operation three-fold in less than a decade.

Brent & Rachael Fouhy are a young couple who have yet to experience a good year farming sheep & beef. But they are poised, ready to reap the benefits, if kind weather & rising prices ever coincide.

An extra $34 million of gross farm income over 10 years and hugh improvements in human capital are two of the key success factors hailed at the Tairawhiti Land Development Trust's final meeting.

Watch how you sell your lambs. This was the message from Paul Newton, a farmer committee member speaking at the Marlborough Beef + Lamb New Zealand Monitor Farm day.

There was a time when Wanganui hill country farmer Lindsay Johnstone didn't think much of his sheep.

A new system of stock control has helped an Onga Onga farming couple beat heavy losses from the recent Hawke's Bay drought..

Ongaonga farmer Geoff Hornblow uses monitoring to track farm efficiency.

Tolaga Bay station Titirangi in a project to improve sheep performance on the East Coast.

A 40% lift in lambing percentage is the result of Wanganui farmers Lindsay & Maria Johnstone's involvement with Sheep for Profit..

Eight East Coast Maori incorporations and trusts are part of a newly launched Bernard Matthews Sheep for Profit programme.

Shaun Baxter has started fencing the hill country to give him better control over ewe intakes, especially over winter. He is hoping this will improve their condition to a score of three at set stocking.

Sheep for Profit system is being used by a group of Southern Hawkes Bay farmers have highlighted how a single worm infestation can quickly wipe more than$16,000 off revenue.

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Keywords: Sheep

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