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By: Digithink Interactive  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization, Engine Optimization

Years of tried and true technique implementation has led to Digithink being able to offer our clients an edge over their competitors when it comes to Search Engine performance. Often considered a "dark art", we try and make this process as transparent as possible so you know your money is being spent responsibly.

Search Engine Optimization:

With approximately 85% of website visitors coming from searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN, its critical that your site be listed in the 'natural' or 'organic' results. Search engine optimization is the process of getting your site into these 'natural' listings on search engines. It is a complex and dynamic process, and requires a well thought out, ethical strategy in order to succeed long-term. Although there are no guarantees, there are a number of proven ways to improve your search results.

We review underlying code and a variety of on-page elements that can contribute to, or hurt, natural ranking. Our suggestions will always be 'search engine friendly', ethical, and focused on the people who are actually looking for what you offer.

Our techniques will:

  • Create faster, smaller pages that are designed to meet the modern requirements of the search engines.
  • Increase the likelihood of long-term placement in search engines.
  • Create pages that are accessible, usable and work in all browsers.
  • Maximize the number of search engines and directories your site is listed in.
  • Maximize the number of your Web pages listed in search engines.
  • Increase the number of pages people view when on your site.
  • Maximize the number of links to your web site from industry related web pages (e.g. specialized directories).
  • Improve the ranking of your web page listings on the search engine results pages.
  • Allow search engines to more easily 'crawl' your web site.

Keywords: Engine Optimization, Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization

Other products and services from Digithink Interactive


web strategy

We get our specialised team involved earlier on, rather than later, so as we know for sure that we are utilising the best technologies possible and taking full advantage of the internet's potential. Part of Digithink’s process is focused on understanding the objectives and goals of your online presence. We need to make sure we understand your business well, and that your audience is being reached.


information architecture

Digithink is concerned with identifying and understanding a site’s intended audiences, and creating pathways that feel intuitive and logical. Organising functionality and content into a structure that people are able to navigate intuitively is something we take seriously. We influenced by the principles of user-centered design, which put real people at the centre of the design process.


user research

Whether your web presence is promoting your business, acting as a second revenue channel or both, it's important that we understand the personas, demographics, behaviors and objectives of your online audience. These consumer trends may change quickly so your business needs to always be evolving and one step ahead. As a business you should understand your consumer market well.


search engine marketing

Without careful planning and execution, the most well-intentioned PPC campaign will fall flat.


website design

These steps vary, based on the nature of a project, but by having these processes in place we can insure we never deviate from the primary goals and objectives set in the initial strategy phase. The Digithink design process is all about working together with our clients to achieve the best results possible. A solid design strategy is put in place.


rich media design

By incorporating multimedia components into our online solutions we can communicate better to targeted audiences, enhance the users experience and establish exciting interactive channels between the internet and mobile devices. New media offers an enhanced experience relative to older, mainstream formats.The defining characteristic of rich media is that it exhibits dynamic motion.