EDS- Evaluate- Develop- Skill develop

By: Customer Experiences Ltd  21-Jan-2010
Keywords: Leadership, Business Culture, Customer Experience Development


What we are looking for:-
Management and leadership qualities
Commitment to the strategy
Business processes that can deliver consistency
Right people in the right roles, especially those delivering your customer experience.

What will we assess?
Evaluate your current customer experience
Evaluate your main competitors
Interview a cross section of your customers
Interview your main suppliers
Rate your operational v customer focus


During the workshop you will:
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Customer Experience strategy
Learn the customerEXWORKS 7 step development process
Understand the power of a sustainable competitive advantage
Learn how to grow real loyalty with both your people and your customers
Be given the opportunity to evaluate key aspects of your business
Measure your current Customer Experience against customer expectations

Keywords: Business Culture, Customer Experience Development, Customer Loyalty Programmes, Customer Service Improvment, Leadership,