Creativity Workshop

By: Customer Experiences Ltd  21-Jan-2010
Keywords: Human Resource Management, Business Culture, Customer Experience Development


This unique, highly interactive workshop has been designed based on a number of knowns….

  • Most businesses find it difficult to come up with a steady flow of ideas from within as to how to improve their customer service performance.
  • Your customers will normally only tell you what you are doing that annoys or frustrates them, not what you need to be doing in the future.
  • We find it much easier to come up with creative ideas on how to improve someone else’s business, especially when it’s a business we are very familiar with as a customer.

Considering these points, we have designed a unique workshop that does just that. We take your team outside their normal work environment and put them inside a totally unrelated business, but one they are very familiar with as a customer.

The result is a highly competitive, interactive enjoyable day that lets the creative juices run wild using our 7-step customerEXWORKS development system.

Once your team has recovered from the workshop and using all that newfound creative ability, they will find it much easier to use the same 7 steps to start developing your own unique customer experience. We are talking about an experience that your competitors will find extremely difficult to copy and therefore a valuable and sustainable competitive advantage.

The best part is that once this process is in place, it is on going and becomes part of your culture, much to the delight of your team and your customers.

If you feel that your organisation is stuck in the “world of sameness”, that you are being driven more and more by the focus on price and you would like to break out, please don’t hesitate to call and find out how we can have your organisation “standing out from the crowd”.

p.s. Your team will benefit from more than the ability to think more creatively. This workshop fosters team building, leadership, presentation skills, having fun, getting involved and most importantly, the skill of placing the right person in the right role, and allowing them to do what they do best.

Keywords: Business Culture, Customer Experience Development, Customer Service Improvment, Human Resource Management,