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By: Aviortex  06-Dec-2011
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Providing finished seat covers seems simple but looks can be deceiving. In fact, making sure your finished goods arrive on time can be a logistical nightmare. Seat covers are often fabricated by independent contractors that have no relationship to the textile manufacturer. Their ability to deliver seat covers on time is dependent on purchase and receipt of materials from the manufacturer

Additionally, many fabric manufacturers are dependent on independent spinners in order to have the yarn necessary to weave the fabrics. Some are even dependent on contract dyers to dye the yarn to the required color. Finally, finishing and testing the fabric is often performed by outside resources. When something goes wrong, it is difficult to identify the offending source. And, with multiple entities performing tasks at diverse remote locations, there is always the potential for shipping/receiving problems. In addition to the logistical difficulties, multiple resources mean multiple profit margins.

AviorTex offers a better solution. Through our vertical integration, we can eliminate all the bottlenecks, logistical nightmares and multiple margins. That is because we perform all these services at a single location. At our plant we inventory, clean and source the raw materials; spin and dye the yarn; weave the fabrics; finish the fabrics; test the fabrics; cut and sew the fabrics into finished seat cover parts; inventory the finished goods; and ship to our customers on time. No finger pointing, no multiple suppliers, no hassle and at the lowest possible cost. After all, we don't have margins on top of margins.

Do you just need the seat cover fabrication services? We can fabricate your fabrics into the highest quality finished seat cover at an unsurpassed value. Our fabrication services utilize state of the art equipment. In addition to fabricating aircraft seat covers and other finished upholsteries, we also manufacture high quality clothing, including airline uniforms. This means we have capacity to handle the largest possible customer requirement. Finally, if you contract with us to fabricate your seat covers, we will also be prepared to supply your fabrics on short notice or become a secondary fabric supplier - just in case there are logistical problems with your primary supplier.

Keywords: Fabrics

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