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By: Seekashelter  05-Apr-2012
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SeekaShelter specialize in all forms of canvas shelters. From Humanitarian Homes in Haiti to calf shelters in Matamata we do it all. All our products use highly UV resistant materials for a long life span as well as high quality fixings and fastenings. Below is a selection of our main products we have available.

Humanitarian Home

SeekaShelters are durable, and long lasting semi-permanent homes that can fit families up to 6 people.

The frame is galvanized steel, with polyethylene sheeting for the canopy. Polyethylene has a UV protectant which allows for long term sun exposure without breaking down. It is shaped in a semi-circle that deflects high wind speeds.

Currently each shelter is 3.6 meters long, by 3 meters wide, by 2.1 meters high, however these sizes can be adjusted to the needs that arise.

The colors at present are beige and green which suits the environmental climate of a nation, as well as its cultural heritage.

Trough Cover

Tough cover made from Polyethylene suitable for covering troughs while effluent spreading. Comes with 2 adjustable straps and a 3 year UV warranty.

Sizes (diameter): 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m.

Custom sizes available on request.

Calf Shelter

With arrival of the calving season comes all the problems associated with it, lots of calves, sick cows, often wind and rain as well, and long working days.

Introducing our new style calf shelters, which also double as a shelter for down cows.

The calf shelter comes as mobile, towable units or fixed. Both can be dismantled at the end of the season for easy, compact storage, ready for next year. The mobile unit is easily and quickly erected as needed, and can be towed to different locations if required. It measures 3 meters by 3.6 meters for easy negotiation of gateways.

The fixed units can be custom made to suit your requirements and calf numbers. A unique feature is the patented shock absorber system which self tensions the shelters, keeping the cover taut in differing wind conditions.

Keywords: Meters