daltons organic compost

By: Landscape Station  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Planter Boxes, Organic Matter, Pine Bark


To improve soil structure and revitilise your garden by adding organic matter and nutrients to your existing garden bed. Daltons Compost Plus can also be used to top up existing garden beds and will stimulate microbial and earthworm activity.


A blend of composted bark fines, untreated aged sawdust, mushroom compost and chicken manure. The added Gypsum provides extra calcium and improves drainage. Great to use as a soil revitaliser and to assist with water holding in lighter soils and drainage in heavier soils.

Features and Benefits:

  • Grows bigger, better and healthier crops
  • Contains Gypsum for improved plant and soil health
  • Enhances the availability of nutrients to plants
  • Made from New Zealand renewable Pine Bark resource
  • 100% weed-free.

Product Tip:

For best results dig Daltons Compost Plus into existing garden soil. For the construction of raised gardens or planter boxes we recommend Daltons Premium Garden Mix or Daltons planting Mix.

Important: This product needs to be incorporated into existing soil. We advise not to plant directly into this product. Available from: Silverdale, Mt Wellington, Mt Maunganui & Matamata

Keywords: Garden Mix, Mushroom Compost, Organic Matter, Pine Bark, Planter Boxes

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