World of Water- Tetra Species

By: World Of Water  06-Dec-2011

Tetra's are most commonly associated with the Neon Tetra, our best selling fish, and most Tetra's available are small, peaceful, community fish that school well & provide movement & colour.
Do be aware however that a few of the species grow larger and some are plant eaters, it is also worthy of note that the piranha is a type of Tetra.

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World of Water- Tepid Water Species

Some fish species will tolerate cooler temperatures experienced in unheated indoor aquariums. These are generally hardy species from temperate or subtropical climates.


World of Water- Pond Fish

We frequently get requests for Koi Carp, unfortunatley it is illegal for us to supply Koi Carp which are considered a serious pest fish in New Zealand, however Shubunkin varieties of Goldfish come in a range of colours & patterns & are suitable for ponds. The majority of fish kept in ponds in New Zealand are Goldfish, for further information on their requirements please visit our article.


World of Water- Freshwater Tropical Fish Species

Freshwater Tropical species originate from the vast equatorial lakes & rivers or the world and are diverse & varied in their shapes, sizes, colours & requirements of care. Most of the Tropical Freshwater fish available in New Zealand have been captive bred on fish farms or aquaculture facilities in Asia or have been born & raised here in NZ.


World of Water- African Cichlid Species Available

African cichlids are also territorial in nature and are best housed with fish of a similar size & temperament. African Cichlids (Pronounced Sick-lids) originate from the Great African Rift Lakes. Those most commonly available are from Lake Malawi & Lake Tanganyika.