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By: Versus Research  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Advertising, Market Research, Advertising Campaign

Versus has been providing businesses with market research solutions since 2001. Because we know that all businesses are different, we also know the importance of customising our research and methodologies to fit your individual business objectives and budget.

We work with our clients to explain the findings, and offer constructive recommendations to use in all decision-making processes.

How we work

Quantitative research – typically involves a large, representative sample. With our in-house systems, we can use a range of techniques to conduct face-to-face, telephone, or internet surveys of any size.

Qualitative research – typically involves using smaller samples to provide insights and explore ideas, applying techniques such as depth interviews, focus groups and observations. We always choose the most appropriate form for the research objectives and the audience.

Where we specialise

Advertising analysis – we can help you gauge the success of your advertising campaign by looking at your key advertising measures, as well as analysing your brand’s market positioning.

Market understanding – we can help your business understand who your key audiences are through market scoping, customer segmentation and market sizing.

Concept testing – to make sure your product’s just right for your market, we undertake quantitative and qualitative testing to enhance product experience and consumer uptake.

Ongoing monitoring – we keep an eye on your key performance indicators, both overall and on specific points.

Opinion polling – we help you get the best out of your PR campaign with fast, short surveys on a specific topic, providing answers quickly.

Resident/Customer satisfaction surveys – through benchmarking and monitoring key activities, we can help Councils and commercial companies pinpoint specific areas to focus on.

Keywords: Advertising, Advertising Analysis, Advertising Campaign, Market Research, Market Research Solutions,