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By: Sunflower Therapies  06-Dec-2011
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Colon Hydrotherapy:

  Also known as Colon Irrigation or colonic Irrigation, is a treatment using water to gently flush the bowel of toxins and compacted waste.  The Brunelle method used at Sunflower Therapies, uses water infused with medical grade oxygen to give an optimal cleanse of the bowel.  The therapist will be with you throughout the treatment to control the pressure and temperature while at the same time checking with you to make sure that you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. If there are any concerns, these can be discussed with you during and/or after the treatment.   

Iridology:   At Sunflower Therapies we use iridology to look at the condition of the bowel and see where the problem areas lie.  This helps us understand why the person is having problems and how best these can be improved.  This is done as part of the consultation process.Coffee Enema's:

   After you have successfully cleared the bowel of built up waste with a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments, there is an option of having a coffee enema which works to cleanse the liver.  It is an important site for producing bile, metabolism, regulating blood sugar as well as the detoxification process.  No cleanse is complete without cleaning the liver also.       


To optimise the Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, it is important to support the body with good exercise, healthy eating, and a healthy mind.  After seeing the results of the Colonic treatment, as a Naturopath, I can make further nutritional recommendations to support the detox process and promote ongoing health.  Separate nutritional appointments can be made to give extra time to go over your needs. 

Herbal Medicine:

  In some cases, there may be a need to provide a supportive remedy to help with the detox process.  I use either "Kiwikitz", “In Season Herbals” in the liquid form or Practitioner only products from “Mediherb” and “Metagenics”.  These are well known brands which I have had a lot of success with.


  When necessary these are supplied also.  E.g. It is wise to take probiotics especially while doing the Colon Hydrotherapy treatments to repopulate the bowel with good bacteria.  I prefer to use foods but sometimes there is a need to increase levels with supplements for a period of time.

Detox Programmes.

  These are made easy with only two products, one in drop form, the other in capsules.  There is an easy to follow programme of foods for maximum benefit to improving health & wellbeing of the liver, kidneys, bowel and digestive system adding to better overall health.  Add this to the colon hydrotherapy treatments and you should feel fantastic.

Parasite Cleansing

  with herbal product and a parasite zapper - great for those hard to get rid of parasites.  Pay a hireage fee and a bond on the zapper which you will get back when the zapper is returned. 

Ionic Footbath

 for those who want a leisurely cleanse.  Put your feet in a warm bath while reading a magazine for half an hour. 

Access BARS:

  These are 32 points or bars on the head.  Activating these points by lightly touching them and allowing the energy to flow through these bars releases the electrical charge that holds all the considerations, thoughts, beliefs, decisions, emotions or attitudes you have stored.  After a bars session the worst thing that can happen is, you feel like you had a great massage, the best thing that can happen is, it can change your whole life.  Most sessions take 30 minutes.  Always allow an hour as some sessions may need to go longer. 

Being In Colour Cards:

  Self directed Inspirational cards which can give you insight into what is happening for you.  A fantastic tool to gain insights.  As a facilitator I will ask questions to help you to see the answers that are appropriate for you at the time. 

Contact C.A.R.E. (Commonsense Approach to Real Ease)

  This is a body therapy better described as

Flinchlock Release Therapy. 

If you took a fall or a knock, your instant reaction would have been to flinch away from the pressure of this which then causes the bones to lock together.  The FRT releases the lock allowing better bloodflow and movement to the affected area.  It is a very gentle but subtle release.  The patient is always kept in a place of comfort and no pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy/Massage:

  I offer this service separately to relieve aches and pains and reduce stress. The techniques I use relieve tight muscles and give improved movement in the body. Relaxation massage to deep tissue.

Lymphatic Drainage:

  This is a form of massage but with very light touch.  Brilliant for increasing the flow of lymph up to the lymph nodes for filtering.  The lymphatic system is part of the body's immune system, which provides defence against disease causing organisms so it is important to keep it flowing efficiently.   Iridology, used at the initial consultation can pick up if an individual has a sluggish lymphatic system. 

Bach Flowers: 

A very gentle no fuss way to work on your emotions helping you to focus on what is important to you right now by removing the haze.  All natural energy essence. 

Energy Healing:

  This is a practice which works on the energy centres in the body.  As we tend to hold onto our emotions, this can have a follow on effect of reducing the function of the bowel especially.  If you feel anxious you can sometimes feel like your tummy is in knots, holding onto your emotions.  A session of energy healing can help lift these emotions which in turn allows you to let go emotionally and physically allowing you to feel much better and clearer.  This is all part of detoxing the whole body.


Keywords: Colon Hydrotherapy, Therapies