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By: Olde Berry Farm  06-Dec-2011

Our gate sale shop stocks a large range of products, specializing in berryfruits and fresh produce. We also have refreshments, convenience items, dry foods, jams, honey and sauces.


As a berryfruit grower berries are our largest stocked item. We sell fresh and frozen berries in various grades. Our main berries are Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Boysenberries. We also do an extensive range of Blueberries, provided from quality growers Oakberry Farms in Matangi. We sell all these berries as both fresh (when in season) and frozen. Quantities of the berries (especially levels of 2nd grade berries) are dependent on the time of year and the weather. (For more information on the berryfruit season please see our calendar page)

Fresh Produce:

We also specialise in selling fresh produce, including both fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. We try to always have the freshest and best stock available for you. Produce is sometimes packed by us to provide ease of selection, though we try to leave produce available for you to personally select. If you are looking for a specific item, please give the shop a call to see if we have if or can get it in for you. After bulk of something? Contact our manager to see what we can do! Where possible, we stock local grower range of produce in preference to out of town supply.


We are home to the very popular Real Fruit Ice creams. Your choice of frozen fruit (from the selection available) mixed in with either Ice cream or 97% Fat Free Natural Yoghurt. Come in and try one, you won’t believe what you’re missing!

We also stock chilled drinks – from juice bottles and water bottles to a selection of the Coca-Cola range – and slushies to help quench your thirst.

Convenience Items:

To help people get want they want when they want and quickly, we have brought in extra lines. We now stock eggs, bread and milk, along with the Herald (Mon-Sun) and The Waikato Times (Mon-Sat). We also have cream to go with your berries.

Jams, Honey and Sauces:

We stock a large range of jams and sauces. The jam range includes jellies and conserves and covers a wide range of flavours. Sauces include such varieties as Chocolate sauce to BBQ sauce to dessert sauces to top your ice-cream and berries with. Vinaigrettes are another popular seller, with the Black-Raspberry Vinaigrette flying off the shelves. We also stock some mustards and marmalades. The honey range includes many items, from the usual table honey, to special honey gift packs, manuka honey chocolates, to pollen jars for your health needs.

Dry Foods:

We have many types of dry foods, from dried fruits (mango, pineapple and pawpaw), to nuts (peanuts, cashews, pistachios, etc) to marshmallows and bar mix.

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