iPulse IPL Machines

By: NZ IPL and Laser  03-Feb-2011
Keywords: Beauty Therapy, Laser, Appearance Medicine

 As well as delivering maximum treatment efficiency, iPulse has also made client comfort a number one priority. Being able to cover a larger skin area with a more even intensity of light energy (Square Spectral Output); means that iPulse based products will naturally take less time to carry out a treatment. This will obviously improve the comfort level for the client choosing iPulse over other IPL systems or, of course, conventional waxing treatments. The unique innovations at the heart of iPulse™ technology are secured by international patents. A combination of scientific developments makes iPulse™ products more effective, smaller and less expensive than competitors. The key difference is a unique power supply technology that enables far greater control over the spectral output. This control enables improved clinical efficacy at lower energy and cost. These key advantages make iPulse™ products the natural choice and help explain the technology’s worldwide appeal amongst both medical and aesthetic markets

Keywords: Appearance Medicine, Beauty Salons, Beauty Therapy, Laser, Laser Hair Removal