Above-ground & on-ground fuel storage tanks

By: Mainline  05-Apr-2012
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Mainline Sheetmetals have manufactured fuel tanks since 1987. Our fuel tank designs comply with the ERMA and HSNO regulations.


• Tank – 3mm Mild steel – pressure tested, sandblasted and epoxy painted
• Standard colour – shuttle grey (other colours available)
• Legs, ladders and stays (O/H tanks) are hot dip galvanised
• Included: Fuel hose (25mm dia.), gate valves, nozzle, fuel filter, dipstick, locking cover & fittings
• We can manufacture to suit your specific requirements
• Some assembly is required when it arrives at your property
• Fuel meters are sold separately
• For farm installations (a farm being 4ha or more) containment bunds are required for a tank with capacity of more than 2000 Litres     

Any of these Fuel Tanks can be manufactured as split tanks to hold petrol and diesel.


1950L Split Tank

w/ Hand Pump

1950L + Bund

1950L Split Tank

w/ Electric Pump


1950L Onground split tank


5000L Tank + Bund with
230V Pump

5000L Sledge Tank

10000L + Bund


Diesel - Ute tanks for diesel are manufactured at

, usually fitted with a 12 volt electric pump.

Petrol - Ute tanks for petrol are manufactured upto 250 Litre capacity and fitted with a K3 semi-rotary hand pump


280 Litre Diesel Ute tank

400 L special diesel ute tank

Well-side Ute Tank


Manufactured to supply diesel fuel for heating systems, and generator engines.

No hoses or pumps are supplied with these units.



, 3000 L, 5000 L and 10,000 Litre.

500L Home Heating

Tank in Bund 




Trailer Tanks - For Diesel

A trailer tank can provide you with more options and a lot more flexibility in the way you use and store your diesel. The convenience of having fuel on site when you need it and the savings at the pump will add value to your business operation.

Our range of trailer fuel tanks includes: 700 L, 1100L, 1350 L and 1900 Litre

Trailer Tank Features:

• Tank – 3mm mild steel, pressure tested, sandblasted and epoxy painted
• Standard colour – shuttle grey (other colours available)
• Chassis – Hot dip galvanised
• Jockey wheel with solid rubber tyre
• Trojan hubs and stubs
• Heavy duty rear bumper to protect tail lights
• Pump options – semi rotary K3 hand pump – 1 litre / complete stroke of handle
- 12 volt pump – 45 litres / minute
- WX15 Honda petrol powered pump – 90 litres / minute
• Included are: 4 metres of fuel hose, nozzle, locking cover
• Auto shut off nozzle and fuel filter included with 12 volt and WX15 pumps
• Requires LTSA registration and Warrant of Fitness by new owner
• Weight when empty
-   700 L - 270kg 
- 1350 L - 560kg
- 1950 L - 860kg


• Yanmar diesel pump

• Velcon filter and fuel meter

• 3mm mild steel tank, sandblasted & epoxy painted

• Trojan brakes, 14 inch rims and tyres

• Chassis – hot dip galvanized

• Built to design specifications - DoL, OSH Flammable Liquids Tankwagon Code TW-2

• 30 metre Static Earth Reel

• 9kg Fire Extinguisher

• 10 metres of 25mm dia. Aviation Hose with ZVA Nozzle

• Commissioned ready for use

• Requires LTSA registration and Warrant of Fitness


• Fuel filters NS10

• Filter elements

• Flow meters – High pressure

• Fillrite flow meters – gravity feed

• Fuel hose – 25mm

• Fuel nozzles – 19mm & 25mm

• Auto shut off nozzles

• Locking covers for gate valves – 25mm ø & 40mm ø

• Elbows / Barrel nipples

• Signage


For other applications of fuel storage (not farms), bunding is required where 1000 litres or more of fuel is stored. Your local authority should be able to advise of the requirements.

Containment bunds for tanks up to and including 5000 litre are manufactured from 2.5mm galvanised sheet. The 10,000 litre bund is manufactured from 3mm galvanised sheet.

500L Home Heating Tank + Bund

3000L Onground Tank with 230V - Pump + Bund

2x 6800L Tanks + Bunds


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