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By: Horsham Downs Community Church  05-Apr-2012

News « Horsham Downs Community Church

Here’s some snippets of a chat conversation between Bruce and Geoff Smith in Uganda. A good update and some good news…

Geoff: …Geoff here, things are going well, really hit the ground running after returning from Romania. The maize has grown really well that we thought we lost before Easter when it rained just in time hence we have been the first to have fresh maize in the district. Everybody has wanted to buy our fresh maize so have been selling it on the cob for roasting here in town. We’ve been picking about 6000 cobs a day so it has kept us running and some days we can’t keep up with demand.

Bruce: I am sure everyone is excited about that – God is good Geoff, and you guys are faithful.

Geoff: Praise God we are going to make a profit this year which will excite the community.

Bruce: Wow – what are the farmers saying as a result of that and how’s your team going?

Geoff: Well they probably don’t know to what extent we have gained yet, but it will certainly help them to see once we balance the books that it is possible to sustain a living from farming. Yes the team is really good, have a couple of full time guys besides the people who work casual in the village, these two are great, reliable and honest so that makes life easy. Well, easier.

Bruce: Wonderful. You must be feeling relieved and rewarded by this outcome my friend.

Geoff: Well just before Easter I was counting my losses thinking I had made a wrong call so it is all praise to the Lord for the way things have turned out and yes, He is faithful to the promises we came here with this year. We are the talk of the town, this white-man who is supplying the whole town with fresh maize. We heard we were even featured on the radio the other day.

Bruce: Great to hear…Where do you feel to go with the sustainable farming aspect now? Obviously you will have caught the attention of some who may have earlier doubted.

Geoff: Next week we start harvest beans and peanuts, then ploughing for the second season at as well. Yes, well we have caught their attention but I dont want to be working with the same people beyond midyear next – not sure what the Lord will want of us beyond that, to start with a new group of farmers or…It is not sustainable if I remain in this community to long, if i can leave them with an invest of practical, financial and spiritual input then they need to move forward, it is easy for them to sit back and look at me doing all the work, but it is show and tell at this stage and then let go at some stage.

Bruce: I am sure God will show what’s next dear friends – we will stay prayerful. We are conscious of the week you are coming into at this time with a year since losing your dear Jeremy – so excited for you that the crops are so full and the blessings is indeed springing up from the earth.

Geoff: Amen. Thank you for thinking of us and remembering us. We would be happy for you to give a good report to the Church, Praise God for his FAITHFULNESS

Bruce: I will certainly do that – our church often asks after you and you are in the hearts of a lot of us.

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