Horse Covers

By: Duncans Canvas  06-Dec-2011

Duncan ’s Canvas has horse covers to meet every need.  We have very economical options for the budget conscious, through to top quality covers. We can customise your horse cover by adding a: tail guard, neck cover, leather straps, shoulder gussets or extra skirt, you choose.

We use only top quality materials in our summer and winter weight covers with a choice of jute, wool blend or pure wool linings. The classic "Duncan's of Hamilton pattern” is renowned for its good fit because it is made by New Zealanders – for New Zealand horses.

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Cow and calf covers

Jute Covers are made from a natural fibre which becomes waterproof after being on the animal for a short time. With top quality New Zealand-made covers, your animals growth and production will improve dramatically. We've proved that covered cows don't trample pasture searching for food and shelter. Duncan's Canvas manufactures Canvas, Jute or Poly covers. Covered calves gain weight more quickly.