Corohawk Meal Feed Systems Kennels Shelters and Silos , Molasses Injection System

By: Corohawk  06-Dec-2011

We are the First to develop a workable Molasses Injection System into a herringbone shed.
This system took COROHAWK three years to develop with trials of systems to define and eliminate faults. It can be added on at any time and fits onto the back of our trays. Mixing tanks gives you the ability to add in minerals, drenches and water ie: 50 -50 mix.

First to develop Molasses injection into Rotarys
This was needed when corses mag was added to rolled grain in mixing silos because it made the meal bitter. This opened the way for mixing tanks, water, canola oil, nutra lick, cider vinegar or any thing liquid to be injected at feed point onto meal.

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Corohawk Meal Feed Systems Kennels Shelters and Silos , Meal Feed Systems

Once a project is fully functional we don't just leave you on your own, we offer a full maintenance service to ensure your Meal Feed System gives you many years of trouble free and effective service. We will visit your farm, discuss what you want to achieve, assist with the experience we have of many years development and installations and then we will create the right system for you.


Corohawk Meal Feed Systems Kennels Shelters and Silos , Repairs and Service

COROHAWK offers a guarantee of two Years on all products and services apart from electrical components which have 12 months.If you would like to know more please call us today to book your service. We have found that investing in maintenance not only reduces the incidence of breakdowns, but the over all cost is far less. To prevent emergency breakdowns, the hassle and the cost, we offer a full service and maintenance service.