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By: Convex Plastics  06-Dec-2011
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Customised Breathable Membranes

Give your produce the optimum freshness advantage - with breathable membranes from Convex.

Convex Plastics are recognised leaders in the development of customised breathable membranes that optimise the freshness and visual appeal of fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables - all the way from its growing point right to the supermarket shelf.

Our breathable membranes will help you create a significant competitive advantage for your produce by enabling you to transport it long distances – and still have it looking as fresh as the day it was picked when it gets there.

We currently offer three effective breathable packaging options, which can be customised to suit the handling conditions, ethylene sensitivity, respiration rate and branding requirements of your specific packaged produce:

re~fresh: re~fresh modified atmosphere packaging is especially ideal for manufacturing high print presentation ready-made retail bags and liners for fresh cut flowers and minimally-processed produce such as mixed salads, peeled carrots and stir fry mixes. Scientifically custom-designed to match the respiration rate of the packaged produce, re~fresh extends the life of fresh produce and optimises its visual appeal.

Opti~fresh: Utilising especially adapted technology unique to Convex Plastics, Opti~fresh provides proven life extension benefits for high respiring fresh cut produce with OTRs as high as 20,000 cc.m² day on almost any type of film. Its high sealability also makes it an ideal lidding stock for clam shells or show bowls, where it can provide a shelf life extension equal to an entire standard modified atmosphere bag by covering just the top surface of the bowl.

Peakfresh: Peakfresh carton and bin liners have been specifically created to absorb and remove ethylene gas. They are especially ideal for transporting bulk and organic produce to markets, or between growing and processing points. Peakfresh is also available as home preserving bags, and highly printable ready-made DUO Bags for extending the life of fresh herbs and selected leafy greens.

Keywords: Breathable Packaging, Fresh Produce, Packaging

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