New Dogtra Edge released 2012

New Dogtra Edge released 2012 from Dogmaster Trainers NZ Ltd

By: Dogmaster Trainers NZ Ltd  04-Apr-2012
Keywords: Working Dog, Dog Training Collar

Dogtra Edge Features: Up to a massive 1.6km Range User expandable to a two, three or four dog system Nick/Constant/non-stimulating Pager vibration modes Fully waterproof transmitter & receiver collars 2-hour rapid charge batteries LCD screen display with level output intensity, mode & battery indicator Inbuilt tracer lights on receiver collars Modes - easily switch between rheostat & step intensity levels 2 year warrenty Brand new Model for 2012. The first of the Dogtra models that is now expandable. Start with a single collar and add more collars up to a total of 4 collars, all controlled by the same transmitter. Working Dogs: Great for working dogs of all types: Huntaways, Heading, Beardies etc. Already we have some of the top dog trialists in New Zealand using this model along with many farmers in high country stations using these because of the ease of use and the massive range. Also no more losing collars in your paddocks... read on to find out more. Hunting Dogs: If you're a hunter of any type these are simply the best collars available in New Zealand. For night hunters you're in for a real surprise!! The collars have in-built tracer lights that are incredibly bright and can be easily seen over great distances at night. User controlled to save your battery life you can activate the pulsing light on each dogs collar by a simple click on your transmitter. Each light is automatically coded in to the same coloured button on your transmitter. The lights come in four colours (White, Orange, Green & Blue) so there is no guess work in regards to which dog is which. The only exception of course is we don't have a black light (A bit hard to see at night :-) so the black button on your transmitter turns on a bright white light. The best collars money can buy. If you're after durability, reliability and serviceability then you can't go past the Dogtra brand. The new Dogtra Edge sets higher standards with its 2-hour rapid charge batteries, absolute control over stimulations levels with 0-127 levels which will suit the most gentle dog to the toughest dog. The pager (non-stimulating) mode which is more powerful than just an audible tone - as the dog both hears and feels it. With its powerful transmitter you can use this collar for up close work and for that long range work up to a massive 1.6km range using the 0-127 rheostat dial or change it to a simple 1-8 level settings. Then you have a wonderful LCD (blue back-lit) display which at a glance tells you your levels setting, mode & battery life indicator. The new Dogtra Edge is designed for ease of use. Each dogs collar has a different coloured strap (Black, Orange, Green & Blue) which matches the corresponding coloured button on your transmitter to activate your dogs collar. If your dogs are far away in bad lighting during the day or night and you're not sure which dog is which - you now have the ability to light the collar up which will glow the same colour as the button pushed telling you who is who. Expandable Collar System: You can start with a single Dogtra Edge and one collar. When ever you want to expand your system to control more dogs you can... simply purchase another collar. Please add to your cart a single item if your buying a Dogtra Edge with a single collar and check out. You also have the option of expanding your system straight away to a 2, 3 or 4 collar system. Slightly better pricing on a two dog or more system. Alternatively feel free to call us on our free calling 0800 DOGMASTER number (0800 364 627) if you have questions or would like to order by phone.

Keywords: Dog Training Collar, Working Dog

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