Worlds First Hybrid Directional Drilling Machine Announced

By: Terramacs  05-Jul-2009
Keywords: Directional Drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling


The first new Hybrid Drill to be released will be a 66,723N (15,000 lbs) thrust and pullback machine with 2,170Nm

(1600 ft lbs) of torque, providing a number of key benefits including improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and lower noise levels.

The drills will use a combination of conventional diesel engines and electric motors to deliver the total machine output, normally requiring a much larger diesel engine.

The company is developing options with and without clutch between the diesel and electric motors, allowing machines with clutch to operate solely from the electric motor to position the drill on site and to stakedown and possibly to carry out smaller drill shots from a totally silent machine. For larger work where the electric motor output on its own is insufficient and for machines without clutch, the diesel engine will ramp up output as required in series with the electric motor as required to meet drilling needs. Whenever the total power draw permits, the diesel engine is left to idle or turnover at lower speed thus saving further on fuel and while tests are to be concluded, it is expected that fuel economy of at least between 35% and 40% will be achieved over conventional drills in the same size.

Whenever onboard battery levels start to drop below optimum, they are recharged from the electric motor, acting as an alternator and with battery levels automatically managed and maintained in this manner, substantially extended battery life is achieved. Control of systems interaction will all be automatic and require no operator intervention. TerraMacs is testing both Lithium Iron and Gell Cell batteries and may consider allowing customers to choose their preferred option.

Both motors will drive the hydraulic pump and drill circuit and with electric over oil controls and load sensing on the electric motor, hydraulic flow will be tuned to provide optimum flow and /or pressure to those machine functions requiring it.

The TerraMacs Hybrid drill will also provide other benefits as a result, such as a smaller size footprint and will use existing technologies developed by TerraMacs in its current range of product to provide what TerraMacs believes will be a world leading product.

Noise and emission reductions come from the use of a smaller diesel engine and the automated control of this, allowing it to idle or operate at lower speed than would normally be required with conventional drills.

Keywords: Directional Drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling