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By: Ric International  06-Dec-2011
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Language Scientific provides a wide range of technical translation services, from the translation of engineering patents and technical documentation; to localization of medical software and websites; to adaptation of technical multimedia presentations to world-wide audiences; to real-time interpreting for scientific workshops and seminars.

What do the Terms "Translation", "Localization", and "Interpreting" mean?

Although the three terms Localization, Interpreting, and Translation are sometimes lumped together under the rubric "translation services," they are, in fact, closely related but different forms of rendering content from one language to another:


is rendering a written document, such as an installation manual or a pharmaceutical patent, from one language to another;
Localization is adaptation of software or websites to specific languages, cultures, and locales. Translation is only one of the stages of localization.


is an oral form of translation, enabling real-time communication at conferences, over the phone, etc.

Translation Services

Software Localization Services

Language Scientific helps clients localize their software, user interface, help and related documentation. Our teams of technical translators, multilingual graphic artists, and localization engineers work together to deliver effective localization solutions that are culturally appropriate and easily accessible to the target locale. Your localized software will enable your company to communicate more directly and effectively with your clients worldwide.

Website Localization Services

Language Scientific helps clients localize their websites, user interface, help, documentation and web applications. Our teams of technical translators and localization engineers work together to deliver effective website localization solutions that are culturally appropriate and easily accessible to the target locale. Grow your business with our professional service.

Interpreting Services

Language Scientific provides simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for conferences, negotiations, trade shows, training seminars, and litigation. Whether you need interpreters in Beijing, Berlin, Boise or Boston, we will be happy to serve your needs. And with one of the most extensive networks of technical interpreters, we are often able to staff events with local interpreters, saving our clients money on interpreters' travel expenses.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing and Adaptation of Graphical Elements for Cultural and Linguistic Differences

When a picture is worth a thousand words, it's comforting to know that Language Scientific's publishing team is fully adept at both. We work with print and on-line media, in any language, and with any character set, including Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic. We work on both PC and Mac platforms, employing state-of-the-art software technology including QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Quicksilver, Interleaf, PageMaker, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and WinHelp.

Multimedia Voice-Overs, Subtitling and Production for all Languages

Our professional voice-over talent is available for both short and long term assignments. Our studio affiliates use the most advanced equipment and have mastered the specific requirements of multilingual production. Whether it's a fresh voice for your Japanese training videos, or an automated phone directory sent to your clients in Serbia, Language Scientific will expertly fulfill your company's international voice-over and subtitling needs.

Multilingual Transcription Services

LS's multilingual transcription staff provides highly accurate transcriptions of all audio and video recordings.

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