Simulation of Electric Circuits at System Level - plecs standalone

By: Plexim Gmbh  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Power Electronic, Electrical Circuits

PLECS® Standalone is an autonomous software package for time-domain simulation of power electronic systems. If you want to be independent from other simulation platforms, PLECS Standalone gives you the all-in-one solution for modeling complex electrical circuits and sophisticated controls in a single environment.

Thanks to its optimized engine, PLECS Standalone runs much faster than the PLECS Blockset. With the comprehensive block library, PLECS Standalone offers a cost-effective yet powerful solution for dynamic system simulation in general.

Dedicated solvers

PLECS Standalone comes with an own engine for solving the circuit equations. The user can choose between variable-step and fixed-step solvers. Variable time-step solvers are generally preferred for accurate and efficient simulations, because they adopt the step size during the simulation depending on model dynamics. PLECS Standalone provides optimized implicit and explicit variable-step solvers for stiff and non-stiff systems.

Sampled data systems

The simulation engine allows to model sampled data systems, i.e. discrete systems that change only at distinct times. You can model systems that are sampled periodically or at variable intervals, systems that contain blocks with different sample rates, and systems that mix continuous and discrete blocks.


System Requirements


 Operating System 

Windows 32-bit   Windows XP SP2 or newer 
Windows 64-bit   Windows Vista 64-bit or newer 
Mac / Intel   Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer
Linux 32-bit   Kernel 2.6.11/glibc 2.3/Xorg X11R6.8 or newer 
Linux 64-bit   Kernel 2.6.18/glibc 2.5/Xorg X11R6.8 or newer 

Processor: Intel compatible processor with SSE2 resp. x86-64 extension

Keywords: Electrical Circuits, Power Electronic,

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Simulation of Electric Circuits at System Level

Whether you are simulating a simple power electronic converter or a complex electrical drive, PLECS is a powerful tool that will help you quickly obtain the results that you need. The simulation combines the electrical power ciruit, the control with a standard IC and the thermal behavior of the semiconductors. PLECS® is a circuit simulator that makes it simple to model and simulate complex electrical systems along with their controls.


Simulation of Electric Circuits at System Level - plecs blockset

The free PLECS Viewer enables licensed PLECS Blockset users to share their circuit models with users that do not have a license for PLECS. Take advantage of the entire Simulink library and the vast choice of extensions to model special controls or other physical domains. The PLECS® Blockset is a unique tool for the fast simulation of power electronic circuits within the Simulink® environment.