Simulation of Electric Circuits at System Level

By: Plexim Gmbh  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Electronic Circuits, Power Electronic

PLECS® is a circuit simulator that makes it simple to model and simulate complex electrical systems along with their controls. Supporting a top-down approach, it lets you start with ideal component models in order to focus on system behavior. Low-level device details can be added later to account for parasitic effects.

With the intuitive, easy-to-use schematic editor, new models are set up quickly. Thanks to a proprietary handling of switching events, simulations of power electronic circuits are fast and robust. Whether you are simulating a simple power electronic converter or a complex electrical drive, PLECS is a powerful tool that will help you quickly obtain the results that you need.

PLECS is now available in two different editions. Choose between the blockset for MATLAB®/Simulink® and the independent standalone solution:

 PLECS Blockset

Rather than relying on co-simulation, the Simulink engine itself solves the circuit equations alongside the control system. The PLECS Blockset offers full compatibility with simulation settings, supporting both variable and fixed time-step solvers.

 PLECS Standalone (new)

Application example

Above you see a PLECS model of a 300 W switch mode power supply with power factor correction. The simulation combines the electrical power ciruit, the control with a standard IC and the thermal behavior of the semiconductors.

Keywords: Electronic Circuits, Power Electronic

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Simulation of Electric Circuits at System Level - plecs blockset

The free PLECS Viewer enables licensed PLECS Blockset users to share their circuit models with users that do not have a license for PLECS. Take advantage of the entire Simulink library and the vast choice of extensions to model special controls or other physical domains. The PLECS® Blockset is a unique tool for the fast simulation of power electronic circuits within the Simulink® environment.


Simulation of Electric Circuits at System Level - plecs standalone

If you want to be independent from other simulation platforms, PLECS Standalone gives you the all-in-one solution for modeling complex electrical circuits and sophisticated controls in a single environment. The simulation engine allows to model sampled data systems, i.e. discrete systems that change only at distinct times. PLECS Standalone provides optimized implicit and explicit variable-step solvers for stiff and non-stiff systems.