By: Kirs  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Boats

KIRS can design, manufacture, build, crate and ship anywhere around the world!

The cost to ship is inclusive of the boat price - export sales only.

Since 1999 KIRS have consistently built the world’s fastest mens singles and has a proven

track record in Pairs, 4s and 8s.

KIRS are able to manufacture to your requirements, crate or containerise direct to you

anywhere in the world at very competitive prices.

CRATING: The longitudinal stiffness of our specifically designed 50cm x 50cm crate is immense. The crate is glued together. The weight and stiffness is acceptable for the boats to be freighted anywhere in the world. We can also increase the size of the dimension of the crates for pairs, fours and eights. Crate sealed up with inspection ends labelled ready for transporting to the wharf.

Single sculls crating - 2 per crate

Fittings ready to package

Transportation to wharf supervised into the container

by our experienced staff

For bulk orders we choose to pay the extra for our customers. We book a whole container, ensure the boats are secured, so they don’t move and there is no danger of being damaged in freight yards around the world.  5 single sculls exported into Australia.

Keywords: Boats