By: Vitelmed Telehealth Solutions  05-Apr-2012

VitelMed is a professional telecare solution, which combines video, clinical data and work flow information to provide quality telehealth in emergencies and in the rehabilitation of patients. VitelMed provides remote connectivity between doctor and patient and reduces the medical administration cycle. Patients benefit by low anxiety, instant reach and saving on medical expenses.

VitelMed is one of the answers to the challenges faced by healthcare. VitelMed is a professional telecare solution, which offers virtual visits combined with online data measurements. Video supported tele health saves both time and cost. Patients benefit from recovering in the comfort, safety and security of their home knowing they can contact their care provider at anytime.

VitelMed is simple to install and easy to use connecting directly to a television.

VitelMed goes beyond real time communication by acquiring information from medical devices and allow the analysis and early escalation of developing problems encountered by sufferers of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma.

Medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, e-stethoscopes etc can be contacted to the VitelMed unit which supports both USB and Bluetooth devices which transmit data to the care provider.

VitelMed is a means to substantially reduce the cost, improve the quality, and ease the burden of care, for both provider and patient.

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Home Care

VitelMed is especially suited to the chronically ill, the elderly, or patients residing in remote rural settings, to aid in post-operative care and the rehabilitation stages. VitelMed also helps patients understand and manage their condition through close involvement in the delivery of care such as taking their own vital health measurements.


Remote & Emergency Care

The VitelMed unit interfaces and collects data from many low-cost, easy to operate medical devices such as a Blood pressure monitor, Blood glucose monitor, Pulse Oximeter, E-Stethoscope etc, to transmit data to the care provider.



It can be applied to the monitoring and management of patients with disorders like diabetes, asthma, congestive heart failure and psychological impediments as well as high risk pregnancies and many others. Video supported telehealth is helpful in medical situations where regular outpatient monitoring is required but where frequent home or hospital visits are costly or impractical.


Benefits for Patients

Allows patients to stay in the comfort of their home, using nothing else than their television and medical measurement devices. Patients feel safer and secure at home, knowing there is support at a push of a button. Saves time and cost by not having to travel and wait to see the doctor.