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By: Vitec  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fish, Kelp

Combo is a very concentrated blend of fish and kelp designed to be used as a foliar spray at low application rates.  Combo was developed in response to farmers observations that fish and kelp combined, gave greater responses than either fish or kelp used alone.  This observation was confirmed by extension workers at the University of California - there is an apparent synergy between fish and kelp in terms of growth and yield responses, as well as natural pest and disease resistance in crops.

Combo is widely used in all types of horticulture from nurseries, through to extensive vegetable cropping and tree crops. Major benefits include:

  • More produce in first grade

  • Greatly reduced fungicide and pesticide use

  • Greater shelf life

  • Prolonged cropping

  • Greater yields

Golf Courses, Sports Grounds and other high-use turf areas report a range of benefits:

  • Stronger more hardwearing surface

  • Elimination of thatching

  • Elimination of fungal problems

  • Big reduction in insect pests

  • Rewetting of dry areas

  • Most importantly - the public relationship benefits in being able to promote the chemical free or reduced chemical status of the turf facility.

Keywords: Fish, Kelp