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By: Vital Link  06-Dec-2011
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Social gifts for social good

Vital Gifts promotes giving. It is an application, available on social networks like Facebook, that allows users to send a gift to their friend. Gifts are sustainable or ethical in nature, and are more than just gifts. A gift is unique, handcrafted and meaningful. A gift is for your friend and for the Earth, but most of all for a struggling producer in poverty.

Vital Gifts is our way of asking people to give more often.

How does it work?

Vital Gifts connects sellers of ethical, sustainable products to customers on social networks. Vital Gifts embraces the attitudes of giving and sharing.

22% of online time is spent on social networks. This means more-and-more people are sticking to social networks. Why not bring your products to them, instead of hoping they will find you and go to your website. Vital Gifts makes it easy for a customer to find and buy their products online, without leaving the comfort of their Facebook page. It makes it easy and enjoyable to share and gain recognition for their choices.

We connect the customer to the seller, and we do it by going to where the customer is.


Customers can use Facebook, or other social networks, to send a gift to their friend. They are looking for new ways to feel good. Sharing and gaining recognition is one way to do it. Giving is another way.

Both these actions are undertaken when using Vital Gifts. The customer gets to feel good when giving a sustainable, ethical gift. They feel even better when they get recognised by their friends.

This is why, after sending a gift, the user can share their purchase with all their friends. This is a rewarding experience for customers, and they feel great.


Vendors of sustainable, ethical products can list their products on Vital Gifts. This gives them the ability to sell to a large customer base. These customers are new, and may never have found their website or retail store.

Social networks are a very cost-efficient way of promoting your products, and talking to your customers. If you’re not already on Facebook and Twitter, we urge you to get on there quick. Your customers want to talk to you.

Social networks are used by millions of people, and used every day by most of those customers. It is a vibrant market place, one that you should be on. Using Vital Gifts, you can sell to all these people.

Keywords: Social Networks