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By: Visualtouch  06-Dec-2011

My Services:

In my practice I support clients through life challenges
that they have never had to deal with before.
Such challenges might be of a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual nature.

A few examples :-

1. People suffering from a wide range of different physical ailments
such as migraines, digestive, spinal and nervous disorders.

2. Clients with multiple health problems who need some guidance
on where their system is most depleted
so that they can better support their own healing process.

3. Clients struggling with depression or trauma, including childhood trauma.

4. People facing a wide range of relationship issues.

It is, after all, in relationship to others that we truly know ourselves.

5. Clients involved in open conflict situations.

6. Clients who have extensive knowledge of the wisdom or
religious traditions and would like to deepen their understanding of these principles.

7. Clients who have had mystical experiences, visions, dreams or premonitions and

would like to explore these further.

8. Clients feeling confused about their soul purpose.  

This stage is commonly referred to as the “dark night of the Soul”

and is a precursor to growth of any degree.

Challenging psychic disturbances, such as feelings of deprivation and inadequacy,

often disclose themselves long before the self is able to grasp a new and higher state of being.

9. Clients who would like to develop their higher intuitional capacities.

Higher intuitional faculties are a natural part of man’s nature

but much discrimination is required to differentiate between inner voices

and voices of the real self.

The true inner voice of higher reason is an expression of the manifest soul.

It never forces, demands, never flatters, never says anything to increase

a person’s vanities nor the glamour of being important.

Also, it never suggests negativity, separation or fear.

It stands for group welfare, for unity and responsibility.

It guides, gives joy, energy and inspires to do good.

10. Terminally ill people who wish to prepare for transition.