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By: Vismate  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Container Transport, Straddle Drivers

To purchase any of our products please read    We are committed to providing the container transport industry throughout the world with highly visible, yet low cost and user friendly visual aids and products to assist and aid in the protection of your investment.

All our products use high quality fluorescent reflective materials, the fluro yellow on the black background is highly effective to the naked eye due to the colour contrast.

Placed over the twist lock this method of alignment and target indicator is best suited to those trailers or units that have no handles or those that have an offset handle. This hard wearing, durable urethane product features a fluro/reflective arm that tucks away during transit to comply with regulations.

Size: One size fits all twist locks, (140mmx140) arm 140mm-(5.5’).Price:  NZD$55.00 per set of 4

These fit and forget sleeves serve various uses. Straddle drivers use these for two purposes, at a glance they can make sure the twist lock is in the open position before the discharge of your container to save twist locks being accidently ripped out.  They are also used as the primary method of alignment and target indicator prior to the final placement of the container when in the process of loading.

  • At a glance truck drivers can see if the twist lock has come open during transit.
  • Swing lifter operators use them to align themselves before swinging the container on to the unit.
  • Forklift drivers also use them to align the container before placement, as do reach stackers, top picks, and top lifters.

Size: I.D 6, 10, 15, 20, 22, 25mm being the most common size, however we can make any size that you require, standard length -120mm-(4 ¾’).

These big, bright self adhesive arrows and signage are solely used as a visual reminder to the straddle/crane drivers that the modular arm and chain pin must be cleared before final placement within the confines of the swing lifter cradle.  They are sold in sets that contain 2 x caution signs and 6 x arrows, sufficient for one swing lifter.

Simple to use magnetic strips are used day / night to highlight to road users there is a container on the shoulder of the road. Used in conjunction with regulatory items these will assist in making the container easier to see, and therefore safer to the passing motorists. Also suitable for skip bins. They are sold in sets that contain 4 x arrows and 1 x caution.

Size: Please contact – made to order.Price:  NZD$18.00 per set

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Keywords: Container Transport, Straddle Drivers