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By: Virtual Studio Systems  06-Dec-2011

Because you can't keep it all in your head!

TrackNotes is a track management system used to document recording sessions studio information. The system has extensive reporting capabilities, including several different versions of track sheets. TrackNotes supports collaboration efforts, and can be a lifesaver if engineers (home and/or professional) ever need to return to a complex project at a later date. TrackNotes also provides a great way for users to understand and review their own and others' production techniques.

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Whether you are an aspiring song writer or just need lyric sheets for rehersal, Lyricist keeps you efficient and organized so you can better use your time to be creative. Includes Chord Charting, Transposition, and support for the Nashville Number System. If you're writing songs without using Lyricist, you're doing it the hard way. No other songwriting software in its class matches the power of Lyricist.


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Lyricist, "The Songwriters Best Friend", combines everything you need for lyric writing, chord charting, and archiving into one package. We began using our technical experience to help solve everyday problems we encountered as musicians and decided to share the wares. Every member of the Virtual Studio Systems team is a musician.