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By: Vinz  06-Dec-2011
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If you import vehicles they have to be complied, registered, and tested for a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) or Certificate of Fitness (COF). At VINZ we do all of that.

Whether you are buying or selling, ask about our vehicle inspection and licensing services…and process everything through us.

All heavy motor vehicles (except those that have a specific exemption), taxis, shuttles, rental cars and motor cycles, rental campervans and vans or Ute's, and licensed recovery service vehicles must have a Certificate of fitness.

All vehicles using diesel fuel and all heavy vehicles (over 3500kg) require Road User Licences. We can provide these.

Register your vehicle with VINZ - we have plates at all branches. You can also organise your yearly re-licensing to coincide with your WOF testing and save time.

Your car or light commercial vehicle must have a Warrant of Fitness (WOF). The WOF check combines a visual inspection with a brake performance test. If your vehicle was first manufactured less than 6 years ago, it will need a WOF test annually. When it is over 6 years old, it will need testing every 6 months.

If your vehicle fails a test, you have up to 28 days to have the vehicle re-inspected without charge. After this, the vehicle must be fully re-inspected. When you sell a vehicle, the WOF must be no more than one calendar month old.

Why Do You Need a Car History Check?
If you are buying a used car privately then you need a history check. Here's why:

  • 1 in 3 vehicles MotorWeb check has a problem you need to know about
  • 21,000 vehicles are stolen each year
  • Over 600,000 vehicles have money owing

Our business partner, MotorWeb, provide a comprehensive 70-point car history check. Key checks include:

  • Security registered (money owing)
  • Reported stolen
  • Wound odometer

VINZ can provide independent thorough vehicle inspections with detailed reports of maintenance your vehicle may require to ensure your peace of mind.

Nobody likes a smoggy vehicle, at VINZ we can test your vehicle’s exhaust emissions with the latest Emission Testing machines and provide information on reducing your exhaust emissions and keeping New Zealand green.

Keywords: Car, Vehicle