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By: Vintwist  06-Dec-2011
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Most wine enthusiasts are aware that decanting wine enhances its flavour and can improve the overall taste experience.
However often the effort and time it takes to decant and allow the wine to breathe for a period of time outweighs simply opening the bottle and, as a result, many forego the potential for improved taste over convenience.
Now with SpinWine®, simply attach the device to the neck of the bottle, pour and enjoy!
SpinWine® was developed in Denmark after nearly 20 years of research and innovation, perfecting it to ensure just the right softness for the wine is achieved at all times.
The wine is spun through a patented helix which causes it to oxidize and go through chemical changes that improve both its flavour and texture.
Made of quality plastic the device is both easy to use and to clean. There is no dripping or spilling and it is small enough to take with you anywhere so every wine can become a special occasion.
The SpinWine® is already a huge hit with wine enthusiasts in Europe and the United States attracting praise from far and wide.
Raffaele Boscaini, Coordinatore Gruppo Techico Masi (Italy) says: “There is a considerable difference in the pleasantness of the wine…Thanks to SpinWine® these wines show their utmost in a very short time.”
The SpinWine® is perfect for that special present or for commercial outlets that want to ensure they give their clients that extra special wine drinking experience.
For those who still like to enjoy the traditional method of decanting wine, SpinWine® will speed up the process if used to pour from bottle to decanter – a must for those who don’t want to wait too long or if time is of the essence.
SpinWine® is available for purchase through VinTwist individually or wholesale. Click to buy your SpinWine® or for wholesale enquiries.
Murano Glass Wine Stoppers
The Murano Glass topped wine stoppers are carefully and individually blown. Our initial collection consists of birds and sea creatures as well as an attractive collection of unique flames and square twists. We will be gradually increasing our lines of stoppers and therefore why not turn this into a collection of animals, insects, fish or other designs.

Wine Themed Jewellery
Our wine themed earring collection has arrived. Follow the link on the purchase page to see pewter corkscrews, wine glasses, barrels and more.
More products coming soon……

Keywords: Wine, Wine Stoppers